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Another legislator sets sights on traffic cameras

March 30th, 2009 12:00 am by Staff Report

According to a report in the Morristown Citizen-Tribune state Rep. John Litz and Sen. Steve Southerland aren’t the only General Assembly members who are taking the legislative approach to place constraints on ticket-issuing cameras.

Rep. Joe McCord, a Maryville Republican, says he’s been on a four-year anti-camera crusade, and the campaign is far from over.

McCord filed has filed a "caption bill" — broadly drafted proposed legislation that’s meant to be amended at a later date — that would prevent municipalities from contracting with private companies to share camera-issued citation revenue.

The legislator concedes he probably won’t be able to achieve this goal, but adds he’s consulting with legislators to draft final legislation that will place the most draconian restrictions possible on ticket-issuing cameras.

"I don’t like these cameras," McCord said  afternoon. "On safety issues, it’s an arguable point (that cameras reduce crashes), but I think it’s being driven by revenue and that’s not what citations are expected to be."

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