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Neo-Nazi arrested, jailed in Roanoke on federal charge

October 20th, 2008 12:00 am by Staff Report

According to the Roanoke Times, William A. White of Roanoke has been charged with obstruction of justice, an assistant U.S. attorney says.

A white supremacist known for his inflammatory Internet postings about race-related issues - and for his verbal attacks on the people involved in them - has been charged with threatening a federal juror.

William A. White, head of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was being held without bond Saturday in the Roanoke jail.

White was arrested late Friday afternoon and charged with obstruction of justice, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Bondurant said.

Bondurant said the charge involves the "threatened use of force" against the foreman of a Chicago jury in the case of Matthew Hale, who was convicted in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a U.S. District Court judge.

At the time, Hale was the leader of the World Church of the Creator, which adhered to some of the same neo-Nazi beliefs as White's organization.

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