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To avoid paying rent, Rogersville man lies about being robbed at gunpoint

September 19th, 2008 12:00 am by Rain Smith

A Rogersville man was arrested Thursday after police determined he concocted a story of being robbed at gunpoint.

The man confessed to making up the incident to have a police report to show his landlord as an excuse for not paying past-due rent.

According to an arrest report from the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office, Ricky Shane Davis, 26, of 499 Hawkins St., Apt. 9, filed a report to police last week. He stated he was approached by a black truck on a Hawkins County road, with the driver pointing a gun at him.

According to the man's story, $600 in cash and several personal items were stolen during the robbery.

Upon further investigation, police questioned Davis again about the incident. Davis then confessed to making the story up, saying he needed the police report to show his landlord the robbery occurred. He then would have an excuse for not paying past-due rent.

Davis was placed under arrest for filing a false report and booked into Hawkins County Jail.

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