TFWC OKs state's first sandhill crane hunt

Associated Press • Aug 24, 2013 at 1:06 PM

KNOXVILLE — A state commission has approved Tennessee's first-ever sandhill crane hunt.

At a meeting that concluded Friday in Knoxville, the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted a hunt from Nov. 28 - Jan. 1.

The commission will allow 400 permits, each allowing three birds. The permits will be allocated in a drawing and hunters must pass a crane identification exam before their permits are valid.

Commissioners heard comments both for a hunt and against one on Thursday. Member voted unanimously on Friday to allow what they termed a limited sandhill crane hunt.

Kentucky is the only other Southeastern state among now-16 states nationwide that allow it.

The migratory birds have wingspans up to 6 feet. Tens of thousands of them descend on southeastern Tennessee each winter.

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