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Hale, Keaton win twin Late Model features at Lonesome Pine

Staff Report • Jul 21, 2013 at 3:27 PM

COEBURN, Va. - Josh Hale set fast time in qualifying for the first Late Model race. Hale would roll a one on the invert dice and keep his starting position. Derek Woodward would charge hard to the lead as the field rocketed into turns one and two. The caution would wave early on lap two for debris in turn three. To the lead went Hale on the restart. Keaton, Stiltner and Wolfe would follow and freight train the No. 18. At halfway, Hale continued his lead. Caution on lap 25, when Derek Woodward came to a near halt on the backstretch, would slow the field once again. With the green flag waving, the field would charge down the front straightaway, but the No. 40 would go around bringing out the yellow flag once again. Keaton would drive to the outside of Hale on the restart to take over the lead. Hale dove hard into turn one, on the final lap, bumping the No. 10 and overtaking the lead and claiming the victory. Josh Hale led the field to the green flag for the second 35 lap Late Model feature. Keaton would power to the lead over Hale in turn two. Trouble in turn four as Hale went around, bringing out the yellow.Back under green, the field would complete only one lap before the No. 99 of Roark would lose his brakes and climb onto of the No. 40 of Wagner in turn one. The incident would trigger a lengthy delay, as track crews worked to clear the carnage. Green flag back in the air as Kidd and were battling for the top-spot. Contact between the No. 49 and No. 10 would send the No. 49 spinning, bringing out the caution once again. Keaton would rocket to the lead over Stiltner’s No. 22 on the restart. Ferguson would take over second-place as Stiltner was forced to the pits. With 10 laps remaining, Keaton and Ferguson had pulled away from the field. Keaton, in his first trip to LPR, would claim the victory. Brad Ball was on point for the 30 lap Mod-4 race. Racing into turns one and two, Yates would power his No. 3 to the lead over Ball. Gobble made his way to second-place by lap five and began to work on the No. 3. Gobble powered to the inside of Yates on lap nine. Yates and Gobble battled side-by-side, until lap 16, when Gobble would slide in behind the No. 3 and power back to the outside. Gobble would finally be able to clear the No. 3 machine on lap 21. Gobble would drive to another Mod-4 victory. Jamie Meadows, after the invert of five positions, was on the pole for the Super Street feature. Jared Bruner and Kirby Gobble would charge to the lead on laps two and three. Gobble would make his way around Bruner, for the lead, on lap four. Gobble would continue his lead at halfway and never look back to claim his second Super Street victory in two weeks. Dan Hall would power to the lead over Mitch Gibson on the first circuit of the Pure-4 race. At halfway, Hall would continue the lead in his No. 88, with the No. 94 only one car-length behind. Hall would lead every lap and claim his sixth victory of the season. Rannie Breeding powered his No. 1 machine to the lead on the opening lap. Breeding would dominate the entire race in route to his second Iron Warrior victory of 2013. Rusty Ratliff led flag-to-flag in the Pure Street race. Ratliff’s win was his first this season, Ratliff also added 50 points to his championship points lead.

Western Virginia Truck Parts Night at The Pine Results:Late Model #1:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 29 Josh Hale2. 10 Jack Keaton3. 22 Ryan Stiltner4. 17 Kevin Wolfe5. 32 Robbie Ferguson6. 49 Michael Kidd7. 38 Zack Walton8. 40 Jenna Wagner9. 18 Derek Woodward10. 44 Jody Bostic11. 0 Joe White12. 37 Adam Gray13. 99 Caleb RoarkLate Model #2:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 10 Jack Keaton2. 32 Robbie Ferguson3. 18 Derek Woodward4. 49 Michael Kidd5. 17 Kevin Wolfe6. 37 Adam Gray7. 0 Joe White8. 38 Zack Walton9. 29 Josh Hale10. 40 Jenna Wagner11. 44 Jody Bostic12. 22 Ryan Stiltner13. 99 Caleb Roark Mod-4:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 88 Kirby Gobble2. 3 Rocky Yates3. 17 Brad Ball4. 45 Billy Duty5. 22 Dennis Arnold6. 31 David Brown7. James Owens8. 2 Jamie MeadowsSuper Street:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 3 Kirby Gobble2. 25 Rob Austin3. 8 Jared Bruner4.11 Jamie Meadows5. 4 David Brown6. 00 James Owens7. 60 Matthew Stiltner8. 27 Tommy Hess9. 23 Joey SykesPure-4:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 88 Dan Hall2. 94 Mitch Gibson3. 20 Billy Presley4. 22 Jason Yates5. 44 BC Penley6. 27 Marty Shouse7. 99 Cortney Roark8. 11 Jackson Austin9. 5 BJ Large10. 4 Andrew Mullins11. 83 Tim PresleyIron Warriors:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 1 Rannie Breedin2. 11 Jamie Meadows3. 01 Mike Breeding4. 54 Mike Boyd5. 69 Emory Ratliff6. 76 Trey Crook7. 10 Chris Clevenger8. 70 Michael Husted9. 49 Eric Owens10. 12 Aaron Ratliff11. 9 Cody OwensPure Street:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 9 Rusty Ratliff2. 33 Iggy Greer3. 69 Kenneth “Nugget” Street4. 7 Dean DeskinsSaturday, August 3 the action continues with twin Late Models, Mod-4, Super Street, Pure-4, Pure Street, Iron Warriors and the Faster Pastor Race. It’s also Kids Night, bring the kids out to ride in racecars. Grandstand gates open at 4 p.m. and racing starts at 7 p.m.

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