Crazy 8s 8K first-timer Robin Hall bringing the 'PMA'

Greg Peters • Jul 9, 2013 at 11:51 AM

KINGSPORT — “Positive mental attitude.” The term is the focus of books, lectures and different self-help gurus. Pro athletes and teams pay big money to sports psychologists in hopes that the positivity will keep them on wining streaks — or get them started on one.

A Google search of PMA and running will give you pages and pages of tip and ideas to get you through a distance run.

If you happen to be looking for some PMA, you are in luck. Somewhere in the sea of Crazy 8s 8K runners, you may be lucky enough to stand beside first-timer Robin Hall.

Robin may be new to running, but she exudes such a positive attitude that standing near her should just give several runners that extra lift they need before reaching the finish line.

“I’ve always enjoyed exercising and I have been blessed with great health,” Hall said. “I have lost a lot of classmates over the past few years and I just thank God for having the ability to get up and move.”

Saturday night’s race will be her first Crazy 8s though she completed the “No Boundaries” program through Fleet Feet in March of last year. That experience only spurred her newfound joy of running.

“I liked the program so well that I decided to keep going and train for the Crazy 8s. I want my kids and grandkids to be proud of me, see my example and hopefully be inspired,” Hall said.

It’s an example she hopes will have her granddaughter running alongside her in coming races.

Standing near Robin for the 9:58 p.m. start will be her husband, Dewayne. He runs more to stay fit for his National Guard assignment as well as working at Eastman. But he still jumps in and trains with her when time permits.

Robin is not looking for a set finishing time but there is one small reward for her.

“I can mark this off my bucket list,” she said.

And if you happen to find yourself near Robin before the starting gun, wish her Happy Birthday. She turns 56 on July 13.

The Crazy 8s 8K is sponsored by Indian Path Medical Center and Crest Point Health.

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