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Stiltner makes it two in a row at Lonesome Pine Raceway: Includes results and video

staff report • May 3, 2013 at 2:40 PM

-Results:Late Model:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 22 Ryan Stiltner2. 7 Elby Harrision3. 94 Jeff Woodward4. 11 Lance Gatlin5. 5 Ronnie McCarty6. 37 Adam Gray7. 18 Derek Woodward8. 29 Josh Hale9. 40 Jenna Wagner10. 44 Jody Bostic 11. 76 James Harrison12. 16 Freddie Taylor, Jr.13. 43 Mark ChristianDNS (Engine) 17 Kevin Wolfe DNS (Engine) 32 Robbie FergusonMod-4:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 3 Rocky Yates2. 88 Kirby Gobble3. 17 Brad Ball4. 00 James Owens5. 9 Hershell Robinette6. 33 Dennis Arnold7. 2 Billy Duty8. 45 Justin Hale9. 10 Ryan TurnerSuper Street:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 25 Rob Austin 2. 23 Joey Sykes3. 22 Roger Neece4. 3 Kirby Gobble5. 27 Tommy Hess6. 4 Keith StiltnerPure-4:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 88 Dan Hall2. 33 John McClanahan3. 20 Billy Presley4. 27 Marty Shouse5. 83 Tim Presley6. 8 Wiley Holbrooks7. 22 Jason Yates8. 44 B.C. Penley9. 06 Bill Livesay10. 5 B.J. Large11 4 Andrew MullinsDQ. 21 Kenny FletcherPure Street:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 14 Scotty Hurley2. 9 Rusty Ratliff3. 76 Brian Herraney4. 7 Emory Ratliff5. 10 D.J. StiltnerIron Warriors:Pos. Car No. Driver1. 69 Emory Ratliff2. 1 Rannie Breeding3. 10 Chris Clevenger4. 54 Mike Boyd5. 95 Michael Husted6. 8 Johnathan Mullins7. 11 Jamie Meadows

Video courtesy of Jeff Woodward

COEBURN, Va. - Jeff Woodward laid down fastest time in qualifying, with a time of 16.676 for the 60 lap ASA Late Model feature. Derek Woodward powered to the outside of father Jeff Woodward and cleared him off of turn two. Ryan Stiltner took second took second from the No. 94 J. Woodward on the first circuit.

By lap nine the leaders had caught lap the leaders and Derek Woodward continued to set the pace. Stiltner began to work on the inside of Woodward, getting to his left-rear corner on the exit of turn-four and onto the front straightaway. Trouble in turn two on lap 18 when J. Woodward and McCarty got together, sending the No. 5 of McCarty around. The green flag was back out and Stiltner (No. 22) was back out front with Lance Gatlin taking second from D. Woodward.Elby Harrison, No. 7, began charging hard for third on lap 27. Harrison cleared the No. 18 of Woodward on lap 29. On lap 40 the top five had settled out single file until Jeff Woodward powered by, son, Derek on lap 41. Meanwhile, Harrison began to look to the inside of No. 11 Lance Gatlin with 12 laps to go. Gatlin and Harrison created a nice battle, racing door to door until lap 50 when Harrison cleared the No. 11 in turn one. Stiltner continued his lead by six car lengths over Harrison. Stiltner then drove his Chevrolet Impala SS to his second Clark Signs & Graphics Late Model Division victory of 2013 at LPR, followed by Harrison and Woodward.Rocky Yates and Kirby Gobble started on point for the 30 lap Mod-4 event. Yates quickly jumped to the lead when the green flag waved from his pole position. Gobble (No. 88) began to gain on Yates in the No. 3 on lap six, diving to Yates’ inside, but Yates slammed the door on Gobble. Lap after lap Gobble would dive to the inside of Yates going into the corner, but Yates would pull the No. 88 machine off the corner and clear him on the straightaway. 10 laps to go and Yates continued to slam the door on Gobble.The battle up front allowed third-place Brad Ball to gain on the leaders; creating a three way battle for the lead. With five laps to go things began to get physical up front, as Gobble dove to the inside on the No. 3 in turn three and tagging the inside of Yates coming off of turn four. Yates would keep his No. 3 Ford Fusion on point and drive to victory over Gobble and Ball.The green flag was out for the 35 lap Super Street feature, but the field only made it to turn two when contact between the No. 25 and No.22 sent the No. 22 machine around. With the caution being waved before one lap was completed the field was reset for a complete restart. Roger Neece jumped to the lead from second place over Rob Austin. Joey Sykes No. 23 took over second on the fourth lap and began to work on the bumper of Roger Neece. The battle between Neece and Sykes allowed the No. 3 of Kirby Gobble to gain on them.Sykes continued to work the outside on Neece, but Neece was not going to let him go; Neece charged hard back on the inside. Finally on lap 13, Sykes got a big run off of turn two and cleared the No. 22 of Neece. Rob Austin then cleared Neece for second, as the No. 3 of Kirby Gobble was forced to the pits with a mechanical failure. Austin (No. 25) and Sykes then began to battle for the lead. Austin cleared the No. 23 of Sykes on lap 19. Austin never looked back and took home his second victory of the season. Dan Hall qualified on point for the 25 lap Pure-4 race. But second-place Kenny Fletcher jumped to the lead over Hall on the first lap. Hall slid into second and John McClanahan began to make his way through the pack from the rear of the field. McClanahan was on a mission as he flew by third-place car, Marty Shouse, on lap nine. Fletcher (No. 21) continued his lead over the second-place car of Dan Hall. Lap traffic allowed McClanahan to catch Hall for second with two laps to go, but Hall held off the No.33 of McClanahan. Fletcher had no competition and took the checkered. Dan Hall was later declared the official winner when the No. 21 of Kenny Fletcher failed post-race inspection.The green flag was out and Brian Herraney took the top-spot from pole qualifier Rusty Ratliff. Yellow-flag on lap two, when No. 7, Emory Ratliff, went spinning in turn two. Once again, the green-flag waved and the field began to settle; until lap eight when the No. 14 of Hurley took the lead from Herraney. Hurley then dominated the closing laps to take home his second Pure Street victory of 2013.

Jamie Meadows and Rannie Breeding were on the front row for the 20 lap Iron Warrior race. Meadows (No. 11) and Breeding (No. 1) battled side by side for the lead until Meadows cleared Breeding. Emory Ratliff then flew by Breeding for second. Trouble for the No. 11 of Meadows on lap 14 when his right-front tire let go in turn four. Ratliff then had no competition and drove to the victory over Breeding and Clevenger. Saturday, April 20 will be the next race at Lonesome Pine Raceway. Late Models, Mod-4, Super Street, Pure-4, Pure Street, Iron Warriors and Young Guns will be in action for Belcher Insurance Agency Night at The Pine. It will also be ladies night, ladies will get in half-price and the Powder Puff division will make their 2013 debut. To keep up with everything happening at LPR, visit www.thepineraceway.com also follow us on Facebook (Lonesome Pine Raceway) and Twitter (@LPRaceway).

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