'Bama rig still boating big-bellied bass

George Thwaites • May 3, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Remember how your Ma and Pa warned you against succumbing to peer pressure?

When it comes to Alabama rigs, you’d better give in, brother.

“If you’re fishing a tournament and not fishing this bait, do you know what you’re going to get? Your butt kicked,” said Rex Pendergrass at Watson’s Marine.

Local favorite David Mullins of Church Hill did some butt-kicking with Alabama rigs in the recent PAA and Southern Open pro events on Douglas Lake, finishing fourth and second, respectively. Over the two tournaments, he caught all but two of his fish on the ’Bama rig.

Mullins was using a Buster Lilly 7-wire rig (four dummies, three hooks) with R&S screw-lock swimbait heads. His favored swimbaits were the NetBait Little Spanky and Zoom Swimmin’ Fluke. He was using a 7-11 Competition swimbait rod and winching his fish up on 65-pound test Power Pro line. “It was typical pre-spawn. The fish were extremely fat from feeding up and ready to do their thing,” Mullins said. “This is probably the longest pre-spawn bite I’ve fished in years. But now that it’s finally warming up, they’re probably going to hit the beds pretty quick.”

For more insights on the Alabama rigs and all the other baits and bites coming into play this spring, see the Fishing Report in Friday's edition in the Kingsport Times-News

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