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High school sports, week of April 8

Staff Report • May 5, 2013 at 4:06 AM


Monday, April 8NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett at Daniel BooneSullivan South at Sullivan CentralVolunteer at Tennessee HighDavid Crockett at Science HillSullivan North at Johnson CountySullivan East at Happy ValleyElizabethton at Unicoi CountyCherokee at South-DoyleSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAEastside at UnionHaysi at ClintwoodTuesday, April 9NORTHEAST TENNESSEEScience Hill at Dobyns-BennettSullivan South at VolunteerTennessee High at Sullivan CentralDaniel Boone at David CrockettSullivan East at Johnson CountyUnicoi County at Happy ValleySouth-Doyle at CherokeeSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAEastside at Gate CityTwin Springs at Rye CoveCastlewood at Thomas WalkerWednesday, April 10NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett at VolunteerSullivan South at Daniel BooneSullivan North at ElizabethtonRichlands at Sullivan EastSullivan Central at Happy ValleyGreeneville at David CrockettSOUTHWEST VIRGINIATennessee High at John BattleThursday, April 11NORTHEAST TENNESSEEVolunteer at Sullivan SouthCloudland at Sullivan NorthSullivan Central at Sullivan EastWest Greene at ElizabethtonJohnson County at Chuckey-DoakDemarini/Diamond InvitationalAt University of TennesseeScience Hill vs. Gibbs, 7 p.m.SOUTHWEST VIRGINIAClintwood at Wise CentralLee High at Twin SpringsHonaker at Virginia HighHappy Valley at John BattleFriday, April 12NORTHEAST TENNESSEESullivan Central at VolunteerSullivan East at Sullivan NorthDavid Crockett at West GreeneChuckey-Doak at Johnson CountyHappy Valley at CloudlandDemarini/Diamond InvitationalAt University of TennesseeFarragut vs. Sullivan South, 3:30 p.m.At Farragut High SchoolDobyns-Bennett vs. Goodpasture, 2 p.m.At Bearden High SchoolDobyns-Bennett vs. Gibbs, 8 p.m.At Christian Academy of KnoxvilleScience Hill vs. Hardin Valley, 5 p.m.CAK vs. Sullivan South, 7:30 p.m.SOUTHWEST VIRGINIAClintwood at UnionWise Central at J.I. BurtonThomas Walker at EastsideSaturday, April 13NORTHEAST TENNESSEEVolunteer at CherokeeElizabethton at UnakaUnicoi County at LoudonDemarini/Diamond InvitationalAt University of TennesseeDobyns-Bennett vs. Hardin Valley, 10 a.m.Semifinal, 3:30 p.m.Championship, 7 p.m.At Farragut High SchoolSemifinal, 3:30 p.m.At Bearden High SchoolBearden vs. Sullivan South, 9 a.m.Morristown vs. Science Hill, 11:30 a.m.


Monday, April 8NORTHEAST TENNESSEESullivan Central at CloudlandSullivan North at ElizabethtonUniversity High at Johnson CountyHappy Valley at CloudlandCherokee at SeymourSOUTHWEST VIRGINIASullivan South at Gate CityCastlewood at UnionTwin Springs at J.I. BurtonTuesday, April 9NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDavid Crockett at Dobyns-BennettSullivan South at Sullivan CentralDaniel Boone at VolunteerTennessee High at Science HillSullivan East at Johnson CountyUnicoi County at Happy ValleyMorristown West at CherokeeSOUTHWEST VIRGINIASullivan North at Gate CityEastside at UnakaCastlewood at Thomas WalkerTwin Springs at Rye CoveLee High at Wise CentralWednesday, April 10NORTHEAST TENNESSEESullivan North at CloudlandState Line ClassicAt Whitetop Creek ParkBristol, Tenn.Tennessee High vs. Virginia High, 4:30 p.m.Sullivan East vs. Patrick Henry, 4:30 p.m.Sullivan South vs. John Battle, 4:30 p.m.Elizabethton vs. Abingdon, 4:30 p.m.Thursday, April 11NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett at Science HillSullivan South at Daniel BooneVolunteer at David CrockettSullivan Central at Tennessee HighSullivan East at Sullivan NorthHappy Valley at ElizabethtonJohnson County at Unicoi CountyCherokee at Morristown EastSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAWise Central at J.I. BurtonClintwood at UnionThomas Walker at EastsideLee High at Twin SpringsFriday, April 12NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett vs. Halls, 5 p.m.Dobyns-Bennett vs. Grace Christian, 6:30 p.m.South Greene at VolunteerHappy Valley at Tennessee HighDavid Crockett at North GreeneSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAJ.I. Burton at Rye CoveEastside in Abingdon TournamentSaturday, April 13NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett vs. Powell, 9 a.m.Dobyns-Bennett vs. Maryville, noonT.C. Roberson at Science HillDaniel Boone vs. Enka, N.C. at Johnson CityDaniel Boone vs. T.C. Roberson, N.C. at Johnson CityGreeneville at Happy ValleySOUTHWEST VIRGINIAEastside in Abingdon Tournament


Monday, April 8SOUTHWEST VIRGINIALee at Gate City (girls & boys)Virgnia High vs. Wise Central at Eastside (girls & boys)Union at John Battle (girls & boys)Tuesday, April 9NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett at Daniel BooneCherokee at VolunteerSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAHonaker at Gate City (girls & boys)Thursday, April 11NORTHEAST TENNESSEEChuckey-Doak at Sullivan SouthScience Hill at VolunteerClaiborne at Daniel BooneSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAUnion at Virginia High (girls & boys)Gate City vs. Wise Central at Eastside (girls & boys)Lebanon at Lee High (girls & boys)Friday, April 12NORTHEAST TENNESSEEScience Hill at Dobyns-BennettSullivan South at Tennessee High

Track & Field

Monday, April 8SOUTHWEST VIRGINIAAll Comers at UnionTuesday, April 9NORTHEAST TENNESSEE4-way meet at CherokeeSullivan South, Sullivan North, Sullivan East, Volunteer, University High at Sullivan CentralWednesday, April 10SOUTHWEST VIRGINIANPI/Coalfield Invitational at EastsideBig Six Meet at Virginia HighSaturday, April 13NORTHEAST TENNESSEEFrank Carver Invitational, Tennessee High


Monday, April 8NORTHEAST TENNESSEEVolunteer at Science HillSullivan South at Sullivan East (girls)SOUTHWEST VIRGINIALee High at Thomas Walker (girls)Thomas Walker at Lee High (boys)Clintwood at Eastside (boys)Tuesday, April 9NORTHEAST TENNESSEE Tennessee High at Dobyns-BennettSullivan South at Sullivan Central (boys)Sullivan North at Sullivan EastSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAWise Central at John Battle (girls)John Battle at Wise Central (boys)Wednesday, April 10NORTHEAST TENNESSEESullivan South at Sullivan Central (girls)CAK at Science HillSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAKing Academy at Virginia HighJ. Frank White Academy at LeeThursday, April 11NORTHEAST TENNESSEEVolunteer at Dobyns-BennettTennessee High at Science HillUnicoi County at Sullivan NorthSullivan East at ElizabethtonSOUTHWEST VIRGINIAWise Central at Clintwood (girls)Clintwood at Wise Central (boys)Friday, April 12NORTHEAST TENNESSEEDobyns-Bennett in Woodberry Invitational (boys)

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