Player Profile: Gate City's Morgan Gose

George Thwaites • Feb 24, 2013 at 9:58 AM

There are three Gose sisters on the Gate City girls basketball team: Morgan Gose, Jordan Gose and Kaely Gose. But like snowflakes, no two Goses are exactly alike.Not even Morgan and Jordan, who are fraternal twins. They are different enough in outward appearance (and even styles of play) that there is little chance that even a casual observer would confuse one with the other. At the same time, they retain all the symbiotic connections that twinship affords.“We know everything about each other. When we're going down the court or when she's posting up I know what she's going to do. I've played with her all my life. So it's easy to play with Jordan,” Morgan said.Morgan is most decidedly a unique individual. She isn't “the quiet one,” although she can have her quiet moments. According to her coach, she's an effervescent character who usually keeps her teammates uplifted and entertained.The sisters played a huge part in the Lady Blue Devils' surprising run to the VHSL Group A, Division 2 state tournament finals last year. Despite a season that has had its ups and downs, the sisters have been no less important to Gate City's return to state tournament play this weekend.Morgan is a standout hurdler on the Gate City track and field team. She loves to win as an individual. But it is the sport of basketball that she loves the most, perhaps mostly because it demands the individual player serve the greater ends of the team. “Having other people out there depending on you makes you play harder,” she said.She has scored over 1,000 career points playing for the Lady Blue Devils, a fact she was surprised to learn during Gate City's homecoming game with John Battle.“I only knew I had 1,000 points because the buzzer went off and they told me I'd scored 1,000,” she said, laughing.Times-News Sports Writer George Thwaites caught up with Morgan for a short Q&A session. Here's what she had to say:Who is your favorite athlete, past or present?(Olympic hurdler) Lolo Jones. Because she went to the Olympics, then she had knee problems and she didn't let it overcome her. She overcame it. A lot of people thought she wasn't going to be as good as she'd been, but she came back even better.What is your best athletic memory?State quarterfinals last year. Being up at state was the best experience ever. Not losing, of course. But it was awesome.What is your worst athletic memory?I have a lot of those. I'm not really sure.What is your favorite movie?"Green Mile." I love the message of that movie.Who would play you in a movie about your life?I'm kind of crazy. I don't know. Zooey Deschanel. If she were blonde.Name three ideal dinner guests.Jesus, Lolo Jones and Chris Brown.What would you have to eat?We'd have filet mignons and whatever else goes with steak.Who is your favorite superhero?Supergirl. She's strong and she can fly and she's just awesome.Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?I just sit in the locker room and don't talk.Do you have any nicknames?"Momo."What is your favorite non-sports activity?I like to draw. I like drawing humans. Faces and flowers. Things like that.

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