Thermacell introduces high tech heat for outdoor feet

George Thwaites • May 5, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Back in the 1970s, "Electric Socks," wool socks with sewn-in heating elements replete with D-cell batteries strapped to one's calves, became a popular item for cold weather outdoor enthusiasts. They were just the thing for chilly deer stands and frigid football stadiums. The increasing availability of affordable chemical hand/foot warmers eventually crowded the bulky old electric socks out of the marketplace.

Electric heat for your feet is back. It's gone digital. And it's a lot more expensive.

"Thermacell Heated Insoles foot warmers make any cold weather activity more comfortable and enjoyable," announced Thermacell on Wednesday. "Their wireless, remote-controlled design makes them easy to use. Simply place Heated Insoles inside footwear and activate heat with remote, then adjust heat (medium or high) or turn off with remote as desired."

According to Thermacell, the high tech foot warmers aren't designed to cook your feet. They simply keep your feet from getting cold.

"The durable, lightweight, soft cushion design provides additional shock absorption for all day comfort.," Thermacell claims. "They maintain a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots, keeping your feet around normal body temperature, as opposed to chemical foot-warming pads that get hot to the touch and can make your feet sweat."

The insoles are powered by rechargeable, built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries embedded in the foot warmer insoles. They can run continuously up to 5 hours on one charge (much longer if used in intervals, hence the wireless remote) and recharges fully in 3 hours. The suggested retail price is-- wait for it-- $129.99


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