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Prep football: South will beat D-B, Gate City going down

Major Amos Hoople • Oct 1, 2009 at 12:00 AM


It’s been called to the Hoople staff’s attention that several Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia football coaches are deliberately running up scores on opponents.

This goes against the grain of the Hoople System, which calculates the size and scope of a score on the basis of fair competition.

Those who insist on scoring after an issue has already been settled are playing havoc with the Major’s accuracy. Yours Truly believes in treating others with more respect. This act of overaggression should not be tolerated.

There’s no doubt that these antics have played a role in bringing down our percentage in victory margins. Hak-kaff!

Everyone loves a winner and this may be the reason coaches try to impress spectators with an obsession that should be avoided.

Enough babbling about egos. Let’s talk a little about Hoop-Baby’s approach to the prognosticating racket ... err...uh... profession.

No matter how technical our world becomes, the simplest things seem to work best. That’s why predictions by the Great One often include plain horse sense blended with complex computer data.

Versatility is essential when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing trends of high school competition.

The Hoople System always lives up to its fierce prowess. Rival forecasters find themselves getting up before dawn in a futile effort to keep pace with the Old Boy Himself. Those guys must be bankrupt in the brains department. Boola-boola!

It has been a so-so September for Friday night entertainment compared to what’s just around the corner. Be bored no longer, Dear Hearts, the floor show is about to begin.

You’ll be seeing nothing but top-notch performances by area teams throughout October.

On with the goodies!

SOUTH 27, DOBYNS-BENNETT 17 — All of the pregame hype is merely window dressing. Neither team will be battered and bruised as the mainstream media would have folks believe. Actually, the coaches and players are friends. The real rivalry is up there in the stands.

SULLIVAN NORTH 14, JOHNSON COUNTY 13 — Never underestimate confidence. The Raiders have been up and down. It’s time for those preseason expectations to emerge once more.

DANIEL BOONE 28, CENTRAL 7 — When the toll is tallied up, the Cougars will be holding a hand grenade with the pin pulled.

TENNESSEE HIGH 34, VOLUNTEER 14 — Those big, bad Vikings should pick on someone their own size.

DAVID CROCKETT 22, SCIENCE HILL 21 — Science Hill should consider restraint when passing. Throw the ball to your own players, Hilltoppers.

CHEROKEE 14, SOUTH-DOYLE 7 — The Chiefs will make every opportunity count by being selective with their play-calling.

HAPPY VALLEY 26, SULLIVAN EAST 20 — Anything to make the Valley Happy. The Warriors’ solid fundamentals will pay dividends in the long run.

BLUEFIELD 28, GATE CITY 14 — Heh-heh! The Blue Devils’ primary concern is not Bluefield’s team. They’d better watch out for the UCLA. (Editor’s Note: Hoople seems to be having trouble with his spelling today.)

POWELL VALLEY 13, CLINTWOOD 7 — Here comes some more of that Pow-Pow-Pow. Give the Vikings one victory and they’ll want five or six more.

J.J. KELLY 42, RYE COVE 20 — The Eagles’ defense isn’t capable of absorbing the reverbertions caused by Kelly’s earthquake offense.

J.I. BURTON 50, COEBURN 6 — Talk about a jolt for the Blue Knights. All it took to rile up those Raiders was the loss to Pow-Pow-Pow.

TWIN SPRINGS 20, ERVINTON 6 — The Titans will face a series of challenges over the next few weeks. But they are big boys who can take the blows. Kaff-kaff!

HAYSI 19, THOMAS WALKER 6 — The Tigers respond well in extreme situations. Not very much is going to get through that eight-man line.

CASTLEWOOD 7, ST. PAUL 6 — The Blue Devils must stick to their game plan to make it happen. Use those heads for something besides helmet racks, lads.


Northeast Tennessee

Cosby 14, Cloudland 13

Jefferson County 42, Cocke County 12

Greeneville 42, West Greene 6

Cumberland Gap 33, Chuckey-Doak 20

Hampton 48, Hancock County 7

Morristown West 28, Morristown East 21

Sevier County 28, Seymour 13

North Greene 8, Unaka 7

Elizabethton 41, Unicoi County 14

Southwest Virginia

Abingdon 34, John Battle 0

Honaker 27, Twin Valley 7

Hurley 14, Phelps, Ky. 6

Grundy 21, Marion 13

Northwood 13, Bland County 7

Patrick Henry 28, Appalachia 13

Tazewell 14, Richlands 7

Virginia High 28, Chilhowie 12

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