Roe: Tax reform bill is a 'winner' for the district

Hank Hayes • Updated Nov 17, 2017 at 10:12 AM

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe insisted Thursday the tax reform bill that passed in the House would be good for the 1st Congressional District.

Just before a conference call with reporters, Roe’s office issued a release stating a household of four earning $59,000 would pocket an extra $1,182. He said the bill would take the number of tax brackets from seven to four, expand the Child Tax Credit and lower taxes on corporations and small businesses.

“This bill really helps the 1st Congressional District,” Roe, R-Tenn., told reporters. “ … This will be a huge help for people starting a business and get on their feet and hire their next employee. … For the majority of the people in the 1st Congressional District, this bill is a winner.”

Roe also responded to the following questions:

Is it true the tax reform bill in the House hasn’t had a hearing or a score (estimated fiscal note) from the Congressional Budget Office?

“Last week, (House) Ways and Means … had 25 hours of hearings, amendments and debate. It has been well-debated and fleshed out in the House … CBO estimated that this will be a trillion and a half dollars of deficit spending in 10 years because of the tax cuts. After the 10th year, it has to be budget neutral … the Senate has added doing away with the Individual Mandate (in the Affordable Care Act).”

What are the key differences in the two tax reform bills (in the House and Senate) and will they have to be reconciled?

“The answer is yes. They keep seven brackets … I’m not as concerned about it … I’ve been in four or five conference committee reports, and every single one of them, even if we had differences, once we all got in a room around a table, we worked out those differences.”

What did you think of U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen’s move to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump?

“That’s Steve Cohen.  …The House can impeach, the Senate convicts. So we’re the grand jury, they’re the trial jury. That will not happen in the House of Representatives as currently constructed.”

Where does the legislation to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board stand? It passed in the House.

“It has the best chance. The problem we’ve got is just the calendar right now. We only have eight legislative days left this year unless we stay over, which we very well may. … If we stay over, it will be because we are dealing with the budget, the debt ceiling or this tax reform package. … I think next year we’ve got a good shot to get it done.”

Considering the number of recent active shooter incidents, is there any will in Congress to act on any kind of gun control legislation?

“I looked at those, and if gun laws had been enforced … the guy from California was already ordered by a judge not to have a gun … the one in Texas, that should never have happened, that guy should have never been around a gun … he was dishonorably discharged from the military and unfortunately, the military didn’t do the right thing and inform the proper authorities where he could have been kept away from a gun.  … One, we have to look at what we can do to enforce current law. Two, … we have an incredible mental health crisis in this country.”

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