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Thief returns stolen TV, fights police

Rain Smith • Aug 21, 2014 at 3:41 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeAug. 18A suspicious pedestrian was reported along Kendrick's Creek Road. She was allegedly stopping traffic and asking motorists "for drugs or money."A Blountville resident reported a prowler in their yard, saying that the suspect was simultaneously "making prank calls" on a cell phone.Aug. 20A woman requested a welfare check on a family member who "has been drunk for a week."After banging on the door of her Bristol neighbor's home "with her cane," a woman was ordered not to return to the property or she could be charged with trespassing. She told police she was angry with the complainant for "spreading rumors and calling her names behind her back."Aug. 21At 3:48 a.m., a 36-year-old man dialed 911 from Piney Flats, claiming he had been "chased out of" a home. Upon police arrival to the area, the caller was located walking down the road. When questioned, he initially "continued to walk in the opposite direction." But once stopped, according to police, he was found to be "heavily intoxicated ... changed his story multiple times." He also "began pointing out invisible people standing behind officers and walking down the road." When police located the home where he had been staying, the resident said his guest "got up and started yelling for no reason ... began walking around in circles talking to himself." Police determined no assault had taken place, with the suspect arrested for public intoxication.Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeAug. 18During a break-in at a Rogersville home, someone stole a sink faucet, valued at $60, and nothing else.While driving along Highway 66 South, a deputy had to swerve into the emergency lane to avid a collision with a Dodge Neon. A subsequent stop found the motorist, who was attempting to pass another vehicle when he nearly hit police, was driving on a suspended license. He was arrested.Aug. 19On Stanley Valley Road, deputies attempted to arrest a man wanted for failure to appear. While knocking on the door of a residence, the suspect was spotted through a widow, but he ignored commands to open the door. With warrant in hand, police then entered the residence, finding the man lying in bed. He was taken into custody, additionally charged with evading arrest.A man's ex-girlfriend called to tell him he needed to retrieve his belongings from her residence or else she'd throw them away. According to an incident report, "She also told him to come alone." While at the residence, according to the man's statements, he was "rushed" by the woman, then punched in the mouth. A witness corroborated his story to an officer, but the suspect had fled in her Mustang before police arrived.Kingsport Police DepartmentA Spruce Street resident returned home to find the door open, while a TV from inside was missing. As police were interviewing the victim she received a phone call. The female on the other end of the line stated she had the TV, with the two women agreeing to meet at a laundry where it would be returned. Officers hid near the drop-off location and observed the suspect arrive. As she removed the television from her car, police pulled in, telling her to display her hands. At that point the alleged thief, who was also wanted on a warrant for aggravated assault, attempted to run through the parking lot, ignoring police commands to stop. That resulted in a scuffle, which took her to the ground, breaking an officer's sunglasses. She was then arrested, additionally charged with theft, evading arrest and misdemeanor vandalism.

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