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KPD: Speed warning prompts brass knuckle assault on senior citizen

Rain Smith • Aug 8, 2014 at 9:17 AM

A Kingsport man has been arrested after allegedly exiting a BMW that was told to slow down in a mobile home park, then placing his brass knuckle embossed fist to the face of a 66-year-old woman.A police report notes the suspect cursed an officer "the entire way to jail," while also disputing his innocence on an assault charge because "I didn't even hit the (expletive), I just put my fist in her face."At approximately 9 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to Barnett Drive. According to records at the Kingsport Police Department, there were reports of an "ongoing feud between two groups of males" throughout the afternoon and evening.Witnesses, who were not involved in the alleged altercations, told police that they were outside when a car passed by. They stated that it was traveling too fast "for the small neighborhood," adding there are a lot of children in the area. When a male resident, 37, told the car to slow down, the driver "stopped abruptly."According to the police report, a man then jumped from the passenger side of the car, later identified as a 2000 BMW 540, and approached residents who were outside. Witnesses stated that he first "stuck his fist" to the face of a 66-year-old woman, then placed his fist to the face of the man who had yelled at the car to slow down. According to statements to police, the suspect wore brass knuckles while threatening the pair.The man re-entered the car and the driver fled, but soon police located the vehicle at a second entrance to the mobile home park. The assault suspect inside was subsequently identified as Christopher D. Maynard, 23, of Roderick Court.The alleged victims were brought to the scene and identified Maynard as the man who had threatened them, prompting his arrest. The fact that he armed himself during the incident spurred a charge of aggravated assault."Maynard was being very loud, basically cursing me the entire way to jail," the transporting officer wrote in a police report. "I asked Maynard no questions the entire trip. Maynard yelled out, 'I didn't even hit that (expletive), I just put my fist to her face, I didn't even hit her.'"In reference to the male victim listed in a report, who also was allegedly threatened with brass knuckles, Maynard reportedly yelled to police, "I didn't even hit that other (expletive) either."Upon arrival at the city jail, police located a "small amount loose marijuana" in a pocket of his jeans. That prompted an additional charge of simple possession.

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