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Driver chugs alcohol during traffic stop

Rain Smith • Aug 4, 2014 at 5:05 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

July 28A Wise resident called 911 on a pair of dogs having sex in her yard, saying they were "stuck together" and an officer needed to separate them. When advised that the scenario was normal for coupling dogs, and that they'd detach on their own, the woman requested an animal warden. When the warden called and advised the same thing as dispatch, the caller was still not satisfied and remained upset. Dispatchers later learned that the complainant then directly dialed a local rescue squad demanding their response to her home, but was once again denied.Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJuly 30A Church Hill man was burning wood behind his mobile home when the fire "got out of control." As it spread to the trailer he attempted to remove possessions and dialed 911, but emergency response to the residence found it had already "burnt to the ground." A report notes no one was inside when it was destroyed, while the resident does not have insurance.Aug. 1A mailbox in Surgoinsville was vandalized, with an deputy's report saying, "it looks to have been hit with a crowbar multiple times."Aug. 3Police responded to the hospital to speak with a man who was allegedly assaulted at a Church Hill home. He claimed that his wife began arguing with him "over nothing," then she slammed a door and broke it. He said that he grabbed a hammer to nail the door shut, but while his back was turned she picked up the tool and "hit him three different times in the back of the head." Police attempted to make contact with the suspect by phone, but were unable to do so. A primary aggressor could not immediately be determined.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJuly 31A Kingsport resident reported that his girlfriend has been stealing items from him. When an officer arrived at his residence, the complainant was found to be "passed out" and intoxicated: "couldn't remember why he called."Aug. 1A keg was swiped from inside a car in Bluff City.Aug. 3Police were asked to check on an prowler along a Kingsport street. A resident said someone outside could be heard yelling, "Say your prayers."Dispatch was alerted to a posting on a Piney Flat woman's Facebook page: "Call 911." When police made contact with the female they found everything was OK, "She thought she had deleted the Facebook post."Kingsport Police DepartmentAug. 1A man was arrested for aggravated stalking of his ex-wife, who has an order of protection against him. He allegedly contacted her place of employment numerous times by phone, and admitted to obtaining a fake email account in the victim's name. He set up the address as her first and last name, followed by "isaslut@yahoo.com." He then used the email to establish a fraudulent Facebook account in the woman's name, telling investigator's that the social media page helped him "blow off steam."Aug. 3At approximately 11 p.m. a patrol officer was conducting a stop on East Stone Drive. While doing so, a second officer observed another vehicle pass in the far right lane, with that driver making no attempt to slow down or move over. A stop was conducted on the passing motorist, finding his speech to be slowed and slurred, while also emitting " an odor of a fruity alcoholic beverage." While a pair of officers were speaking to each other at the rear of the suspect's car, he was observed inside with a cup to his lips, downing its contents. After performing poorly on sobriety tests he was arrested for DUI and failure to move over. Police then found an empty can of alcoholic beverage in his car. When asked why he continued to consume it after being pulled over, he stated he "didn't want to go to jail...so he drank it." He was additionally charged with tampering with evidence.

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