Man breaks into pickup to free puppy, gets punched by 72-year-old owner

Rain Smith • Jun 20, 2014 at 4:05 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJune 19A Kingsport man called police to his residence off Orebank Road. He reported that his son, 35, became upset during a visit because there "was no dinner prepared for him." The suspect reportedly began "throwing food in the residence" and challenged his father to a fight, but police determined no assault had taken place. No action was taken.Police located an abandoned pickup truck that had struck a building on Summerville Road. While police were working the scene, a man came walking down the road, claiming the vehicle was his — and had been stolen. Upon further questioning, he admitted being behind the wheel when the incident occurred, blaming the crash on his brakes failing. A police report notes there was a line of skid marks leading off the road and into the brick structure. The suspect was arrested on multiple charges, including driving on a suspended license. Hawkins County Sheriff's Office June 15A woman told police that her ex-husband has been making "very unreputable posts" about her on a social media website.June 18At a domestic disturbance in Rogersville, a woman told police her husband had thrown a lighter at her, then took all her clothes and put them in her car. The man told police he was mad about her taking the titles to their vehicles, "just like last time when she left," and was just helping her pack. No assault occurred, police took no action.A Rogersville man recently released from jail called police, stating his live-in girlfriend had "cut all his clothes up" during his incarceration. He said all of his furniture had been removed from his home, as well.Kingsport Police DepartmentJune 16At 12:32 p.m. police were called to a fight in progress at Lowe's on East Stone Drive. One participant, 60, stated that when he exited the store several people were surrounding a vehicle which contained a puppy, whining and apparently distressed. According to his statements, the onlookers were about to break out a window to give it water. Instead, he squeezed his arm through a crack in the window and unlocked the door, then pulled the animal out. Shortly thereafter, the 72-year-old owner of both the pet and vehicle returned. According to his statements, the would-be good Samaritan approached with the puppy and started yelling. The dog owner admitted that when the man refused to hand the pet over, he punched him in the face. Police working the scene observed the man's eye to be red and swollen, while witnesses stated he had actually escalated the situation. The dog was returned to its owner, who claimed to have been in the store for 15 minutes. The dog rescuer was advised that if he ever came across such a situation in the future, he needed to contact police, "before entering someone else's vehicle and confronting them." No charges were placed.June 18A 22-year-old man claimed his mother had slapped him across the face on Myrtle Street. The woman, 52, admitted to the incident, telling an officer, "You would too if somebody had gotten up in your face." She also allegedly grabbed her son by the throat, with police noting an abrasion to the man's neck. She was arrested for domestic assault.Central dispatch received a call about two women "fist fighting" in aisle 4 of Walmart on Fort Henry Drive. An officer responded to find one of the female suspects leaving the parking lot in her vehicle, accompanied by a man. The woman told police the other combatant was the man's ex-girlfriend, and didn't wish to file a report. The second fighter could not be located.Follow the blotter on Twitter.

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