KPD: Man pulls gun in parking lot rage

Rain Smith • Jun 5, 2014 at 1:06 PM

A motorist who was called down for allegedly speeding through a Kingsport apartment complex has been arrested, accused of pulling a gun on his critic and threatening to "put a bullet in his head."Joshua A. Sanchez, 23, of 2560 McLean Road, faces three counts of aggravated assault in the Wednesday night incident. According to a report filed at the Kingsport Police Department, shortly before 11 p.m. officers were called to Dogwood Terrace Apartments on Bowater Drive.According to statements from witnesses, as two men were standing outside a Buick traveled through the parking lot at excessive speeds. The police report says one of those men yelled at the driver, Sanchez, telling him that he "needed to slow down."Sanchez reportedly parked his vehicle outside a nearby apartment, exiting his car and yelling at the two pedestrians. He's alleged to have then pulled a handgun from his left front pocket, walking toward the men while threatening to "put a bullet" in the head of the man who yelled.An arrest report says the victim yelled to a woman who was also outside, telling her to go in and call police. At that time the man who accompanied Sanchez allegedly threatened the female: "We'll put a bullet in your head, too."After walking to within approximately 20 feet of the two men outside the apartment, and continuing to curse, Sanchez and the individual accompanying him returned to their car and left the area.Police soon located the suspects' vehicle at a residence on Dorothy Street. Sanchez was placed under arrest, while both he and other man were banned from Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority properties.In a written statement obtained from Sanchez, he told police that he had driven by the apartments on Dogwood Terrace, stopping when one of the men yelled. He denied threatening anyone or having a gun.

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