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Cops crash party 'blasting polka'

Rain Smith • Jun 5, 2014 at 3:25 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJune 3A deputy responded to a Bulls Gap store after an employee reported two customers were shoplifting. The suspects voluntarily opened a backpack and pulled out their pockets, with police determining nothing had been stolen. One of the suspects told the officer that she was being "discriminated against" by the store "because of a disability."A man reported being awarded a gun safe in a recent divorce decree. When shipped to his residence, he found the locking mechanism had been drilled out, leaving it useless.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJune 3A woman called police from a Kingsport residence, saying a man had pushed her "with his body" and threw a "set of keys at her behind."Police responded to a Blountville propane business, where employees entering work had located a man passed out in his vehicle. Prior to an officer's arrival they were able to wake the suspect, 66, whose cursing of the workers emitted an odor of alcohol on his breath. A male employee of the business removed keys from the suspect's ignition, fearing that he would "drive off and possibly kill someone." The suspect then boasted, "That's OK, I got a second set of keys" — and tried again to drive away. A second struggle successfully wrestled away the spares, keeping the man on scene until a deputy arrived. He was arrested for DUI. During transport to jail, the suspect demanded of the officer, "Hey, you bitch, give me my pain pills. Hey whore, I want my pain pills!"A man told dispatch that his nephew had just stolen $20. While still on the line he canceled his report; the suspect brought the money back.Police were alerted to a disturbance on Cannon Street in Kingsport. According to the caller, a woman was "in the middle of the road" beating on a truck, screaming at the male occupant. After approximately five minutes of blocking the street they "finally moved."A deputy stopped a car with a broken brake light on Wadlow Gap Road, locating two adult and two juvenile occupants. The female driver's license was revoked, while the adult male passenger had an active warrant. They each were arrested, with a relative called to come pick up the car and children. While working the scene, police observed a glass jar containing marijuana sitting in plain sight on the floorboard. The woman then admitted she was "just a pothead," followed by "There's nothing else in the car, I promise, you can check." A subsequent search located several bags of marijuana and scales, prompting felony charges.May 31Wise County Sheriff's OfficeA man called police with a noise complaint on his neighbors in Wise. He said his attempts to go to sleep proved unsuccessful, due to their "loud, noisy polka party." He added that they're "blasting polka" — then attempted to imitate the beat to a dispatcher: "bom bom bombom." Officers responded to the party location, requesting that revelers crank the volume down.

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