Man arrested after demanding, then refusing, police and EMS

Rain Smith • Feb 17, 2014 at 5:23 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 12

A Church Hill woman claimed that her aunt arrived and began, "arguing about tools loaned to her and her boyfriend." The complainant said she began to gather up the tools to give them back, but her aunt hit her in the head because she wasn't doing it "fast enough." The suspect left before police arrived.

Wise County Sheriff's Department

Feb. 13

A woman called dispatch wanting to speak with a deputy. She needed the officer to tell her boss that she can't make it to work, as the inclement weather has put Virginia under a State of Emergency.

Kingsport Police Department

Feb. 13

On Robertson Street a pair of men were trying to prevent two females from fighting "in the middle of the street."

Police were alerted to a female "throwing ash trays and drinks" on Blakely Drive.

Feb. 14

Individuals were yelling and screaming at a 911 caller, who had taken away their car keys due to their level of intoxication. The drunk individuals were so angry, according to the caller, because they needed "to get to court."

Feb. 15

Police responded to a call reporting assault on Highpoint Avenue, but the alleged victim decided not to pursue charges. Police offered him a ride from the home but he refused, stating that he had a stroke and needed transport to the hospital. When an ambulance arrived he became argumentative with EMS personnel, yelling that he, "don't have $1,000" and no longer "wants to go to the hospital." The man, who was standing in the middle of the road, was repeatedly told to calm down and lower his voice. He responded, "by yelling that he can't speak softly," and was ultimately arrested for disorderly conduct.

Feb. 16

Officers were dispatched to Watauga Street, finding a man with an eye injury and cuts to his face. He relayed that his girlfriend had arrived home drunk, then attacked and accused him of cheating on her. The suspect was located in an apartment where she had broken out a window, while multiple blood spots were observed on the floor. She denied the alleged assault, claiming they had, "merely argued because she loved him so much." Based on evidence at the scene she was arrested for simple domestic assault. While being booked into jail she threatened the officer for arresting her, and repeatedly threatened to assault police, "as soon as she was un-handcuffed." She was additionally charged with retaliation for past actions.

While responding to the above incident on Watauga, officers heard an argument at a neighboring apartment. One man inside, 20, admitted to drinking and was arrested for underage consumption. This prompted his friend to push the officer, attempting to break his handcuffed acquaintance free. After a brief struggle that individual was Tasered, arrested for simple assault and resisting arrest.

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