Bra-bbery: Pills, cash swiped from woman's bust

Rain Smith • Feb 7, 2014 at 12:12 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeFeb. 3A woman called police on her neighbor, angry that the other woman keeps blocking the right of way to her Kingsport home. A deputy observed two chairs, cinder blocks and a red wagon that had been used to create a barricade across the roadway. The victim said her neighbor was doing it out of spite, angry that she no longer takes her to the store.Feb. 4Dispatch was alerted to an elderly, intoxicated woman at Warriors Path State Park, "sitting on the swings holding a liquor bottle."A Blountville resident called central dispatch about his neighbor's pet birds, claiming that they, "are making the wild birds poop on his cars."Feb. 5While at work a man's coworker asked if he "had anything for hiccups." He responded moonshine, agreeing to leave it in his truck at home for the man to retrieve. Later that night, while at his residence, the complainant received a call on his cell phone. The moonshine seeker asked if he was home, with the other man lying and responding no. Soon banging could be heard at the basement door, with the coworker observed trying to break inside. He failed to make entry and left, with the pair later talking by phone about the attempted burglary. The suspect asked, "You don't think it was me, do you?" The resident responded no, he didn't "think" so: "I know you did it because I was at home." Before disconnecting the call the suspect stated, "I did it, what can I do?"Police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a Piney Flats church. The caller claimed it was occupied by a man and woman who often park, "to have sex."Wise County Sheriff's DepartmentFeb. 4A caller from Wise reported a possible domestic altercation at their neighbors, as they could be heard "fighting very loudly." Police responded to find no such disturbance, the residents had been "screaming and banging around" after a rat ran out of the wall, badly frightening them.Kingsport Police DepartmentFeb. 3A caller alerted dispatch to an apparently drunk driver at a Lynn Garden gas station. He was described as wearing a do-rag and "stumbling everywhere" — with his SUV rolling away while he was pumping fuel. He jumped back in to stop the vehicle, fled the area before police arrived.Feb. 4A Barnett Drive resident reported stolen cash and pills. She had stashed $145 and a bottle of Subutex inside her bra before taking a nap, as she currently has houseguests, but awoke to find the items missing. When she asked the suspects about the meds and "two hundred dollars," one allegedly replied, "No, you only had $145." The woman said she was calling the cops and the visitors abruptly left.Feb. 5Police responded to a downtown restaurant to deal with an intoxicated man. He was found asleep in the dining area, where he "nearly fell into the floor" upon waking up and attempting to stand. He admitted that he had "bummed" a "good bit of beer" from a friend, was arrested for public intoxication.A man ran outside his John B. Dennis apartment to confront his uncle, who was allegedly attempting to steal tags off his truck. The resident claimed that his uncle then "stabbed" him in the stomach and arm with a screwdriver, but police observed only a scratch and "very light mark on his abdomen." The suspect was interviewed and admitted to being involved in a scuffle, adding that both he and his nephew's name are on the truck's title. But his nephew hasn't upheld his end of the deal to make payments, or pay for insurance. Police advised the men to, "settle issues with the truck without fighting."

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