KPD: Man lies about identity, threatens to "whip" officer

Nick Shepherd • Aug 28, 2013 at 4:28 PM

KINGSPORT — A Kingsport man lied about his identity to avoid arrest and then threatened an officer while being booked in jail, according to a police report.

Larry Rodney Brewer, 46, 653 Arch Street, was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation and retaliation for past actions. He was also served a past warrant for aggravated assault.

The incident began on Tuesday when officers with the Kingsport Police Department responded to information about a wanted male subject. The information stated that the suspect, Brewer, was staying at 653 Arch Street.

When officers arrived at the address, they spoke with a man sitting in a swing on the front porch. When officers asked the man his name, he told them it was Cliff. When officers asked Cliff what his last name was, he hesitated and did not answer, according to the police report.

Officers then asked the man for his identification. He handed them a jail identification card from Mississippi, and officers were able to determine the person was Brewer. Brewer was being arrested on an aggravated assault warrant and because he attempted to give officers false information, he was also charged with criminal impersonation.

While being transported to jail, Brewer began threatening the arresting officer. He continued to threaten the officer while he was being booked at the jail.

During processing, Brewer made fists with his hands and began staring at the officer while breathing heavily, the report stated. Brewer then threatened the officer and began to walk toward him in a threatening manner, according to the police report.

Brewer then reportedly told the officer, "I will find you out. If you didn't have that badge and gun, I would whip your ass."

Brewer was then charged with retaliation for past actions.

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