FBI imposters bilk elderly man of $8,000

Rain Smith • Aug 20, 2013 at 9:46 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 15

• A suspicious man on Orebank Road was going door to door and asking people "if they had any work or anything to sell."

• Police were contacted about "an unruly 9-year-old" on Mountain View Road.

• The resident of a Bristol subdivision reported someone had shot a window out of the door.

Aug. 16

• A Blountville resident reported "hearing footsteps" in her home while she was in the shower. When she got out, no one was located inside the residence, though the front door was halfway open.

• Police responded to a dispute on Bristol Caverns Highway, where a woman accused her 16-year-old granddaughter of stealing money.

• Dispatch was advised of a suspicious, barefooted woman "pacing" on Shipley Ferry Road.

• A goat was reported stolen from Morelock Street.

• A Bristol resident claimed to have been shooting fireworks when confronted by an angry neighbor, who then threatened to "shoot bullets."

Aug. 17

• A Bluff City woman called police on her husband. She was angry that he was outside cutting down bushes that "took over 40 years to grow."

• Dispatch was alerted to a pickup driven by an elderly man on Highway 11W. According to the caller, a woman lying in the bed appeared to be hiding and "had looked up twice, but careful so the driver won't see her."

Aug. 18

• A Kingsport resident called police on her two roommates. She said they're bullies who "make fun" of her.

Aug. 19

• Dispatch was advised that a Kingsport woman needed to be checked on because she was possibly having a nervous breakdown. When police knocked on her door, she yelled for them to come in, where officers found her sitting on a couch drinking beer. She said she wasn't feeling well and requested transport for medical care, but then became "verbally abusive." After "breathing like she was hyperventilating," she kicked and hit EMS personnel, telling them she wasn't going to the hospital. She was instead transported to the Blountville jail, charged with assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 18

• A woman reported that a vehicle had been sitting in her driveway for an extended period of time, but no one has exited. Officers responded to find the "car" was actually a deflated pool.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 17

• An East Stone Drive motorist called police after stopping at a red light, where another driver exited a car and attempted to "start a fight." The aggressor reportedly didn't like the way the caller was driving.

• Police spoke with an assault victim at a local emergency room. He said he was talking with his uncle about cars when the other man received a call, then proceeded to yell at his wife on the other end of the line. When the victim told his uncle to stop yelling, he allegedly picked up a wrench, using it to hit his nephew in the ear. He was later located and arrested for aggravated assault.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 14

• A Church Hill woman returned home to find a window open, while a love seat inside the residence had been moved. Nothing appeared to be stolen, though two water bottles by her bed now had "burn marks."

• A Rogersville man, 85, reported receiving a call from individuals claiming to be with the FBI. They told him they needed two of his checks to help "catch scammers." He sent them two blank checks, which were later filled out, signed and cashed for $8,000.

Aug. 17

• An officer paced a Ford Mustang traveling more than 90 mph on Highway 11 W. When a stop was conducted, the driver was lethargic in answering questions, while pill residue was observed "stuck in his teeth." He admitted to chewing up a Xanax and OxyContin as police were conducting the stop, while open Jack Daniels and Jagermeister were found in his car. He was arrested.

Aug. 18

• Police responded to a Surgoinsville home after a resident, who had been passed out on the front porch, became enraged with her daughter for waking her up. She allegedly threatened to toss her daughter off a 15-foot-high porch — asking if she "wanted to learn to fly" — then threw the contents of the refrigerator onto the kitchen floor. She also gathered paper into a pile and threatened to burn the house down. She was arrested for domestic assault.

• A 19-year-old Church Hill man told police someone had hacked into his Facebook account, then used it to proposition an underage girl for sex.

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