Seven area school systems show positive trends

Rick Wagner • Jul 29, 2013 at 10:05 PM

KINGSPORT — Seven Tri-Cities public school systems reflected an overall positive student performance trend, according to data released Monday, although some areas for improvement remain.

The Tennessee Department of Education Monday morning released 2013 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program or TCAP and end of course tests showed sustained growth in school districts across the state.

Scores increased for the majority of districts in nearly every subject. The district-by-district results follow continued improvement at the state level, where students made gains, particularly in STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math.

Districtwide results from public school systems in the state are available at http://tn.gov/education/tcap/index.shtml#district.

“Sustained improvements across the state show that our efforts to raise student outcomes are working,” Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman said in a Monday news release from the Department of Education. “Our students, teachers, and administrators worked incredibly hard. These results prove that if we continue to maintain high expectations and quality support for our teachers, our students will continue to grow.”

District proficiency levels revealed major improvements in math skills. Nearly 30 districts across the state saw double-digit gains in Algebra I, some gaining more than 25 percentage points. More than 50 districts saw double-digit gains in Algebra II, some reporting growth over 40 percentage points.

More than 115 districts showed improvement on math scores in grades 3-8.

In Kingsport City Schools, scores showed a 14.1 gain the percentage of proficient and advanced students, which for 2012-13 was 74.6 percent. That was the highest gain for the system in TCAPs and EOCs. The only two areas of loss were U.S. History, down 2.1 to 96.3 percent proficient and advanced, and English II, down 2 to 68.9.

KCS students improved in all tested math subgroup categories, including algebra I, algebra II, and 3rd through 8th grade math. Across all grade levels, Kingsport math students averaged more than 12 percentage points above the state average, with Algebra II topping Tennessee students by over 32 percentage points. In science, KCS students in 3rd through 8th grades improving in all grade levels except 5th, which still ranked 9.3 percentage points higher than the state average.

In Johnson City the highest gain was 7.2 to a 78.2 percent proficient and advanced in English I, while Bristol had a loss of 13.7 in algebra I, to 59.5 percent proficient and advanced, and an increase of 9.3 in biology I, to 78.5 percent proficient and advanced.

Rogserville City School, a K-8 school, was down in three TCAPs, the worst reading and language arts down 3 to 68.1 percent proficient and advanced, but in social studies had an increase of .5 to 97.6 percent proficient and advanced. With scores already above state averages, it is difficult to make marked improvement, especially when 97.6 percent is not far from a perfect 100 percent.

And in Bristol, biology 1 was up 9.3 to 28.5 percent proficient or advanced, although it was down 13.7 ot 59.5 to proficient or advanced in algebra I.

Sullivan County gained 11.9 to 41.5 percent proficient or advanced in algebra II, while it decreased 4.8 to 46.1 proficient or advanced in English II. Overall, Sullivan exceeded state goals in seven of 11 AMOs or annual measurable objectives and had growth in eight of 11 AMOs.

Washington County gained 13.4 in algebra I, making 67.8 percent proficient or advanced, but went down .8 to 64.6 proficient or advanced in English II.

Hawkins County gained 15.4 to reach 40.8 percent proficient or advanced in algebra I but was down 1.9 percent to 45.9 percent proficient or advanced in grades 3-8 reading and language arts. Hawkins overall met 9 of 11 AMO targets and met the target in math but is placing a special emphasis for 2013-14 on RLA.

The majority of districts across the state closed the achievement gap between black, Hispanic, and Native American students and their counterparts in the majority of subjects.

However, as seen in state-level data released last month, a majority of districts had growing gaps in achievement between students with disabilities and students without disabilities, as well as between English language learners and their peers. This is an area for improvement at the state level as well as in districts for the 2013-14 school year, according to the Monday news release from the Department of Education.

District-by-district TCAP results in all TCAP and EOC subject areas can be accessed on the education department website, where they are posted in sortable spreadsheets. Statewide TCAP results, released last month, are also on the site.

In addition, recent Kingsport Times-News articles on individual system data results are available at www.timesnews.net under the education news tab.

They are http://www.timesnews.net/article/9065477/hawkins-schools-meet-nine-of-11-state-targets-in-2013-tcap-scores for Hawkins County, http://www.timesnews.net/article/9065481/state-test-results-show-kingsport-schools-made-significant-gains-in-math-science for KCS and http://www.timesnews.net/article/9065482/sullivan-schools-exceed-state-targets-in-7-of-11-areas for Sullivan County.

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