Suicide by cop attempt thwarted by pepper spray

Rain Smith • Jul 25, 2013 at 11:27 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police DepartmentJuly 22

Police were contacted by a customer of a West Stone Drive retail store. She said that while in the parking lot she was approached by a man, "carrying a plastic bottle containing a bug." In the other hand he allegedly held a pocket knife. She said he didn't threaten her with the weapon, but had to be told multiple times to, "get away." Police responded and located the suspect in his vehicle, receiving consent to conduct a search. A spoon and syringes were located, prompting his arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. The woman was told how to pursue private prosecution against the man for simple assault.July 24An "extremely intoxicated" man was transported to Holston Valley Medical Center after falling "on his face" at a West Stone Drive motel. He reportedly became verbally abusive and combative with the hospital staff, complaining to a responding officer, "They didn't even take an X-ray of me." As police were handcuffing and charging him with public intoxication, he began resisting and had to be taken to the floor. He was then transported to jail.A car dealer reported that a man had taken a vehicle on a supposed 15 minute test drive, but now — three hours later — he has yet to return. He told dispatch that the pickup the suspect arrived in was also now gone from the lot.

Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJuly 22A Church Hill woman reported her husband had bitten her in the hand. He said she pushed her fist in his mouth while they were arguing. Police observed no injuries to either party — but did detect the odor of burnt marijuana in their home. A joint was then observed on a coffee table, followed by the man voluntarily opening a drawer. It contained a bag of weed and paraphernalia, which he claimed possession of, prompting his arrest on drug charges.July 23A man reported receiving a phone call from an individual from out-of-state, who claimed they were, "on their way to Tennessee to waste him."July 24Police served an arrest warrant on a Kingsport woman, charged with filing a false report. In January she claimed her purse was stolen from a vehicle outside a grocery store. She said the only items the purse contained that she was worried about were her digital camera and medication, the rest could be replaced. While explaining the circumstances of the incident she said she was accompanied by her boyfriend, but didn't know his full name. She then said it was not her boyfriend, but her boyfriend's friend. She also claimed to have asked store personnel to review video surveillance footage. Police later interviewed a manager, learning that also wasn't true.July 24During an argument "over a stolen air mattress" a Mooresburg woman allegedly pointed a gun in another female's face, threatening to kill her. One of the witnesses told police he took the weapon from the suspect and disassembled it, hiding the parts in different locations: under the porch, in a tree. She was later located and arrested for aggravated assault.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJuly 22A Blountville woman called police on her son, 24, who became irate after she refused to give him money. When police arrived he was swinging a yard mattock in one hand and holding a knife in the other — telling police multiple times that they'd have to shoot him. Pepper spray was eventually deployed to his face and he was taken into custody, charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.A woman claimed an inmate had previously stolen her license and purse, with both being incorrectly held at the jail as his property.July 23A man — who a dispatcher notes was possibly intoxicated — called 911 to say his wife is bigger than him, and will beat him up.

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