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Letter to the editor: Ousting Yennie won't fix problems

JOSEPH LINGERFELT • Jul 11, 2013 at 5:12 PM

I see that Todd Broughton has presented a petition to the Sullivan County School Board to remove Dr. Yennie, and a similar petition has been started in the South zone. I have two stepdaughters at North High. Of course there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue. I am not questioning those; however, I don’t see any suggestions coming from either side other than “Just leave our zone alone” and “Fire Dr. Yennie.” How does this solve the budget shortfall? How does this utilize buildings that are sitting half full? If nothing is done and everything is kept status quo, in my opinion one or both (North/South) will be history in the near future due to continued annexing.

There needs to be some logical heads come together and find a working solution for the city and county schools. I realize something has been set in motion by Commissioner Shull. Will anyone listen to him? Emotions are never a good thing when trying to come to a logical solution. Doing nothing will result in North becoming a single A high school with 200 kids if lucky, and the same at South within 10 years in buildings meant to house 1,500 students, or total annexation and D-B becomes a senior high school of grades 10-12 and either North or South a freshman campus, with the other a middle school. Change is coming. The question is which change do you want?

Joseph Lingerfelt


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