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Cold woman in 'Daisy Dukes' needs police to find her 'old man'

Rain Smith • Jul 12, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

July 8

A suspected shoplifter at a Highway 11-W convenience store contacted police to claim they were innocent, adding that they shouldn't be banned from the business. She was told that if she returns she'll be arrested for trespassing.

"Young males" on Muddy Creek Road were allegedly "blowing up mailboxes."

July 10

A Bluff City woman called police on a visitor to her neighbor's home, claiming the man was "cussing at her from across the way."

Authorities responded to a disturbance in Bloomingdale, where a man with alcohol poisoning was "vomiting all over himself and acting belligerent." A dispatcher noted that the caller also seemed to be extremely intoxicated.

Wise County Sheriff's OfficeJuly 4

A female advised that the clerk of a motel had called the law, and now she can't find her "old man." She wanted police to locate both him "and his wallet" — describing herself as "flat broke" and cold. Outside barefooted is where she'd be, she told dispatch, and wearing her "Daisy Dukes."

Kingsport Police Department

July 8

A man called dispatch from downtown, claiming another male had "scratched him up." He refused treatment from EMS.

July 9

Dispatch was alerted to a man and woman fighting on Fairview Avenue, with the caller stating twice that the female "has no top on." A police report makes no mention of nudity, but both were arrested for public intoxication.

July 10

The top of a van didn't clear the roof of a parking garage at Holston Valley Medical Center, striking a sprinkler head. The vehicle was located "still wet" and abandoned nearby, with damage to the top. HVMC security and a police officer waited an hour for the driver to return, at which point he said he had been visiting a friend in the hospital. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for leaving the scene, failure to provide immediate notice of a crash.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

July 7

A Church Hill woman returned from vacation to find her front door wide open, while a neighbor told her it had been that way four days. An inspection of the residence found $500 worth of packaged meat was missing from two freezers.

July 8

A man called police to Caney Creek Road, claiming his wife had squandered their bill money while he was incarcerated. He said that during an argument over finances she had "gone off " — eventually hitting him with a metal spatula. The woman contradicted her husband, saying he'd been drinking since being released from jail and attacked her. Police observed injuries to both individuals, could not determine a primary aggressor and took no action.

A Rogersville man called police due to a dispute between his girlfriend and his brother. When officers arrived, the complainant became belligerent and was asked to step from the home, at which point he told a deputy, "You can't tell me what to do." He then picked up a metal pipe and threatened police, leading to a scuffle and his arrest. While being hauled away, the man alluded to future troubles between him and his brother: "You better come quick with lights and sirens next time."

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