Area residents have mixed reactions to gay marriage rulings

J. H. Osborne • Jun 27, 2013 at 9:17 PM

KINGSPORT — Area residents took to social media Wednesday to voice mixed reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings regarding gay marriage.

By 9 p.m. six dozen comments about the issue had been left on the Kingsport Times-News Facebook page (Times-News Online).

They ran the gamut from elation to disgust. Some were in support. Some were against. Some said they didn’t see how it would matter in their life either way.

Here’s a sampling of the comments as they appeared online, without correcting grammar, spelling or punctuation.

Angie Bowman Grizzle said “It’s still a fight to get equality in all the states, but its a step in the right direction!!!! Very happy!”

J.C. Farris agreed “Its a wonderful step in the right direction.”

Marla Mullins Stidham said the high court’s decisions leave individuals with a choice: “God made one Man and one Women. They all have to decide if they want to go to heaven or hell. It is their choice.”

“If America is going to allow same-sex marriage, then allow gays the opportunity to marry under U.S.A. Law by a police officer who defends the right,” said Kellee Wilkerson. “And let those women and men whom which to be married under the Lord, be married by a preacher. Marriage is a religious bond, not a political leap of joy.”

Adam Derrick linked the court’s decision on gay marriage to opening the door to polygamy and bestiality.

“How about we let a man marry multiple wives. And people marry animal’s. What’s the difference?” Derrick wrote.

Shelley Kesselman responded to Derrick with “Animals are not consenting adults. That argument is beyond absurd and an insult to any thinking person’s intelligence. Try again. The question of multiple spouses is a conversation that needs to take place, but this may or may not be the time.”

Shad Roberts said he was glad to hear the court’s decision and “I didn’t have to go through scrutiny and be denied rights when I married my wife and no one else should have to either. It’s not our place to tell someone that they are right or wrong on the relationship they have with someone. It’s their business, its none of ours. Everyone’s biggest argument is always God doesn’t like it or the Bible says ... well, let God settle it when the time comes.”

“Marriage is clearly for a man and woman,” said Brian Nicholas Fields. “Nature itself reveals that. In the garden it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Neither Alisha and Eve. Jesus loves everybody equally but homosexuality is a sin. Not hatin’, just speaking truth.”

Vondi Harris said lazy Christians are responsible for the court’s rulings on gay marriage.

“This is happening because we as Christians (those who have repented their sins and accepted by faith that Jesus’ shed blood is the only way to Heaven) have allowed it to,” Harris said. “We have become lazy and tolerant. Homosexuality is a sin because my God has already said so. He has already judged. However unsaved people are blind to their acts and need to be shown the way. So maybe if those of us who are Christians would stand up for what is right and lead by example instead of thinking of only ourselves then these people would change. Christians this is our fault!!!!”

Jordy Mitchell responded to Harris with “Your right Vondi, it is your fault, because you so called ‘Christians’ are judging the gays and their love, in a way that God doesn’t like, so what is happening now, is it is being legalized for equal marriage and rights, all because you cant stop being ignorant ... God is punishing you and people like you for not being a true Christian. Best settle down and accept that gays can wed legally.”

Michael Ramey said “I think the Supreme Court is in violation of The United States Constitution!”

To which Mitchell responded “Actually the Supreme Court is right in legalizing gay marriage, because like everybody else, we have the right to the pursuit of happiness and if gay marriage is not allowed, then not everybody can pursue happiness like they wish to do so ... So boom, bye bye DOMA and hello America, land of the free and home of the brave, about time we showed up again.”

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