Customer swindles clerk out of nearly $500

Rain Smith • Jun 24, 2013 at 10:16 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJune 20Police were asked to conduct a welfare check on a man along Packing House Road, who was spotted sprawled in a driveway. Police were soon advised that everything was OK, he had just been taking a nap. June 21Authorities were alerted to a potential hazard in Boone Lake: a dead cow. June 23An Oak Grove Road resident advised police of a dispute, saying an intoxicated man had walked into his house and, "tried to use the bathroom."Police were alerted to a reckless vehicle traveling Ellis Road, "with kids hanging out." Officers responded to the area, but could not locate a vehicle that met the given description. Kingsport Police DepartmentJune 20 A city woman advised her ex, who had just moved out, was now standing outside her apartment yelling. He reportedly wanted to come inside for water, adding that he also needed to charge his phone. June 21A female called police after letting her dog out, saying that it was sprayed by something that, "smells like burnt rubber." She also swore the offender, "was not a skunk." A woman called police from Walmart on Fort Henry Drive, saying some individuals had given her a ride to the store in their vehicle. But after dropping her off they drove away, taking "all her belongings" with them.June 22Occupants of a pickup on I-26 were fighting, according to a caller, and "throwing things from the truck." A caller advised three males outside an East Stone Drive restaurant seemed suspicious, while a female on a phone, "is acting like a lookout." Police responded and deemed the call was unfounded. Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJune 22A man used a $50 bill to purchase a $1 drink at a Bulls Gap market. He later purchased a lottery ticket with two $1 bills, asking that the clerk also exchange out the previous 50 for some other bills he was carrying. What followed was a five minute exchange of different sized bills back and forth, leading the clerk to believe, "something wasn't right." When questioned the man's attitude allegedly became "stern and aggressive" — but he gave the clerk two dollars, "for her trouble." After he departed the clerk and manger counted the crash drawer, finding $471 was missing. June 23Police responded to a disturbance on Byington Road, where a husband and wife were arguing over rotting food inside their residence. The woman blamed the incident on her husband, as he won't fix the air conditioner and it gets too hot in their home.A 63-year-old Mount Carmel man claimed to have been attacked while walking. The suspect, 56, reportedly grabbed his walking stick and threw it in the woods, then slapped the other man in the face before walking away.

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