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Police: Kingsport man faces third DUI after swerving Corvette at other vehicles

Rain Smith • Jun 18, 2013 at 9:52 PM

A Kingsport man charged with a third offense of DUI allegedly swerved his Corvette at other motorists Monday night, forcing one into the median, then waved out his window to a deputy attempting to make a traffic stop. According to a Sullivan County Sheriff's Office arrest report, at approximately 10 p.m. police observed a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette on southbound John B. Dennis Highway. It was reportedly traveling 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. Police say the driver, later identified as Matthew Dykes, 48, of 6035 Woodhaven Drive, was also "swerving in and out of traffic, cutting other vehicles off."As the deputy's cruiser approached the Corvette, Dykes reportedly changed lanes quickly, forcing a minivan to swerve into the median to avoid being sideswiped. The officer reports Dykes then swerved a second time — "as if trying to hit the van" — forcing both the other motorist and deputy to abruptly veer their vehicles. The deputy reports following Dykes with her squad car's emergency equipment activated as he exited John B. Dennis at Moreland Drive.According to the police records: "As we approached the stop sign, the driver threw his hand up through the open top of the vehicle as if he were waving."Upon entering Moreland Drive, Dykes stopped his car. When approached by the deputy, he allegedly spoke with "very slurred" speech, then staggered around when ordered to exit his car. Police say he also admitted "to drinking heavily and knew he should not be driving."Several open Busch Light beer cans were reportedly located inside the Corvette, along with a 19-year-old passenger. The teen allegedly stated that Dykes was intoxicated when he picked him up, with the reckless driving making him fear they would crash. Police say that due to his inability to maintain balance, Dykes unable to perform field sobriety tests. A check of his records reportedly revealed two prior charges of driving under the influence. In Monday's incident he was arrested and charged with DUI for a third time. He was also charged with reckless driving and speeding and booked into the Sullivan County jail. On Tuesday morning, he remained held on $15,000 bond.

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