Man arrested after handing out candy at Kingsport park

Rain Smith • Jun 17, 2013 at 10:43 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJune 13A Rogersville man called police on his son who "went into an angry rage" while drinking liquor. The victim said his son hit him several times in the face and head, then bit him below the shoulder before running away into the woods. He was located nearby riding a bicycle, where he immediately began to curse and "point his finger" at police. When told he was under arrest he responded, "I don't think so" — lunging for the deputy's holstered gun. The officer punched the suspect, causing him to fall on the patrol car's hood, then the pavement. He was then arrested for domestic assault, assault on an officer and resisting arrest. June 15At approximately 3:20 a.m. police were called to a Carters Valley Road residence, finding a Ford Mustang had been driven into a carport and struck another vehicle. The car's operator, who had an odor of alcohol, claimed he was leaving a neighboring home when his foot got stuck on the gas pedal. He also admitted to drinking beer over the past 10 hours, was arrested for DUI. During an argument over whether there was "enough spice on the chicken" a Surgoinsville man allegedly heaved his wife's chicken and dumplings, "through a glass window into the yard." The man was gone upon the arrival of police, who observed the busted window and food outside on the ground. Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJune 13Bluff City neighbors were reportedly, "fighting again."A Vickars Road resident called police over a dispute with a neighbor. They had allegedly put up a fence on their property, which was causing the caller's chicken cages to become flooded. June 14An Island Road resident claimed an "explosion had went off in his mailbox." Police responded to find the damage appeared to have been from a "small firework."June 15A woman alerted police to a pair of voicemails she had received, "about disposing a of a dead body." Officers made contact with the alleged callers, learning the messages were a "prank."A caller claimed that a Dodge Dakota was performing doughnuts in the parking lot of a church on Austin Springs Road. Police responded to a drunkenness report at Boone Lake Dam. Police allowed the suspect — who was with his "little girls" — to call someone for a ride from the swimming area. As he dialed an officer observed him, "stagger and knock one of the girls to the ground hard enough it caused her to cry." He was ultimately arrested for public intoxication. June 16Police were called to Mobley Road, where a woman was mad at her boyfriend for smoking in her house. Responding officers were advised that the woman had been known to become aggressive with police — "and spits."Kingsport Police DepartmentJune 13A Burwind Court residence reported a man "peeking in his windows."Officers visited a residence on Allen Drive due to a disturbance involving a knife. A man, who admitted drinking and had a cut to his lips, told police he had confronted a neighbor who was trying to get someone, "hooked on drugs." He was transported by EMS to the hospital while a knife he allegedly wielded during the incident was confiscated as evidence. Before police arrived to the hospital the suspect has walked out, and was located on a nearby street. Police say that when approached he "immediately fell to the ground flexing his muscles, trying to imitate a seizure." The officer called EMS as a precaution, adding that as he awaited their response the suspect would, "periodically stop flexing and open one eye to see if officers were watching." After being transported back to the hospital — and screaming at the staff — he was arrested for aggravated assault, false reporting, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. June 14A 10-year-old kicked the windows out of a vehicle at a West Stone Drive medical facility. The caller reported holding the boy down until police could arrive. Police responded to Domtar Park following several complaints of a man, "hanging around children and giving them candy." The suspect, 51, was found at nearby Netherland Inn park and admitted to giving cherries to both children and adults. He then began yelling that they can "burn in hell" for calling the police. The man was told several times to watch his language and calm down, according to a police report, but continued screaming, "burn in hell." He also reached into a pocket several times, telling police he had a bomb. No explosive was located, but he was arrested for disorderly conduct and banned from Domtar Park. June 15A Granby Road resident called Kingsport police while he was out of town. He said a neighbor had spotted several people swimming in his pool, but no one should be there. Officers responded to find and arrest one of the uninvited swimmers, wanted for failure to pay child support.

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