Women fight in parking lot 'over a monkey ... a real monkey'

Rain Smith • Jun 14, 2013 at 9:08 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeJune 10Police were asked to conduct a welfare check on an elderly woman. The caller said that over the past four months the woman's granddaughter, granddaughter's boyfriend and three children had been living in the home, but the resident actually wants them to leave. Dispatch alerted officers to a drunk driver leaving a Weaver Pike store in his Cadillac. "It will be the subject who hit the mailbox earlier."A Blountville landlord told police he had attempted to obtain rent money from a tenant, at which time the renter "started fighting." Police respond to find everything was OK. June 11An intoxicated man on Buncombe Road allegedly threw a bottle of liquor, hitting a female in the back of the head. She refused treatment from EMS. A Bluff City father called police on an 11-year-old. He said the boy "started a fight" with his son. June 12A man claimed to have been shot at on Elizabethton Highway, but didn't know if it had hit his vehicle. Two minutes later he advised the gunfire came from a woman across the street, who he believed was attempting to harm herself. A 14-year-old Kingsport boy was allegedly "beating his mother."In Bluff City a woman called police on her neighbor, saying he'd come after her husband with a stick. A Piney Flats man called police on his daughter due to her being "drunk and causing problems."A caller claimed to have seen a man shooting up drugs in a vehicle on Bunker Hill Road. Police located the suspect to find the report unfounded; he was just using his cell phone. Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeJune 10A man claimed he was at a county market when another man stole his cell phone. Police visited the suspect’s residence, where he reported meeting the alleged victim at the store to exchange food stamps for money. But during the transaction, according to his statements, another man grabbed both the cash and food stamps, then fled the scene. Police say the man did admit to taking the original victim’s cell phone but only because he “knew” he had a phone number for the other thief. He handed it back over to police, with all parties advised on how to pursue private prosecution.June 11An unknown motorist drove onto the lawn of a home on Melinda Ferry Road, spinning the tires and leaving deep ruts. Kingsport Police DepartmentJune 10Loss prevention at K-Mart called police after taking a pair of shoplifters into custody. The women had been observed on the sales floor for approximately 2½ hours, taking a "significant amount of clothing" toward the back of the store. One woman then exited and drove her car to the side of the building, while her accomplice smuggled the items out a rear entrance and "attempted to throw them over the fence." They were each arrested, nearly $1,000 in clothing was recovered. Shortly before 9 p.m. a woman entered Arby's on East Stone Drive, claiming a milkshake had been left off an order from a previous day. As employees checked sales receipts she entered the dining room, removed a piece of artwork from a wall and exited the restaurant. She then reentered empty-handed, returned to the dining room and swiped another piece of art. On her third entry into Arby's she simply turned back around, went out the door and fled in a vehicle. Police were alerted to women fighting in the parking lot of a Kingsport business "over a monkey...a real monkey." Dispatchers then learned one suspect had fled in a car with the animal: "It has been monkeyknapped." An officer responded to speak with the female who remained behind, getting her account of the rhesus monkey's sale — and subsequent dispute over the amount paid. She claimed that when they met in the parking lot to resolve the issue, the other woman attacked. She then held up for police a "clump of hair" alleged to have been pulled from her head. Meanwhile, the alleged monkey thief who had fled soon visited the Mount Carmel Police Department, wishing to file an assault report on the other individual. Both women were advised of how to pursue charges, while disputes over the monkey's sale would be a civil issue. June 12Shortly before 10 p.m. an officer attempted to stop a vehicle traveling north on Lynn Garden Drive with no headlights activated. After accelerating away at a "high rate of speed" — and nearly striking another officer's cruiser head-on — the car was found abandoned on Chadwick Drive. One suspect was soon located walking down a nearby sidewalk, "dirty and missing one shoe." A K-9 sniffed out the other man who attempted to hide beneath a bush. Both were arrested and charged with evading arrest and reckless endangerment, with one suspect telling officers drugs were thrown out of the car as they fled police. A Kingsport man told dispatch he was watching his neighbors trespass on his property. He said he was observing them through a window of his home, holding his loaded gun.

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