Home bombed by condiment-filled condoms

Rain Smith • Jun 10, 2013 at 10:17 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

June 6

Police responded to a report of a drunken Kingsport man threatening a caregiver at his home. Investigation revealed the suspect, 52, had accused the woman of stealing his medication while armed with a rifle, then, "commanded her to get on her knees with her hands behind her head." He had also allegedly made threats to another caregiver, prompting his arrest on two charges of aggravated assault.

Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at a home on Buffalo Road. A female resident was found to be "extremely intoxicated and belligerent" while her ex-husband had cuts to his ribcage, left eye and neck. The man claimed that she had attempted to drive from the home while drunk, with him blocking her car with his truck to keep her from leaving. She allegedly responded by "cutting and stabbing him with the car keys" and was arrested for aggravated assault.

June 8

Police were alerted to a hazard on Sullivan Gardens Parkway, where a woman was in the road on a motorized wheel chair.

A man reportedly took his girlfriend's car during an argument on Broyles Lane, with her then reporting the vehicle as stolen. While police spoke with the man — who was located approximately 300 yards from where the incident occurred — he was determined to be intoxicated and was arrested for DUI. It was also learned that during their initial argument the woman fired a rifle into the ceiling of the front porch three times, leading to her arrest for aggravated assault.

June 9

At 1 a.m. dispatch was alerted to a woman "trying to wave people down" on Bloomingdale Road. She was allegedly seeking a ride, "to the bar."

A Piney Flats caller claimed that his ex-girlfriend came into his house, "took off her clothes" and began assaulting him. A welfare check was requested on two adults with an infant, walking on railroad tracks along Fort Henry Drive.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

May 30

A female reported lug nuts stolen off her vehicle while at K-Mart. When a dispatcher learned the woman was driving her car back to work they advised that she needed to pull over and wait for an officer; it's not safe to operate the car in that condition. A deputy located the woman roadside, finding that nothing was missing from her wheels.

June 2

A Big Stone Gap woman claimed someone has been throwing condoms at her home. She said they are filled with various condiments before they are tossed — including mustard and Thousand Island dressing — which leaves stains on her residence upon impact. She added that condoms had also been tied to a door handle.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

June 6

A Whitesburg woman reported cows from a nearby property had got loose on three occasions in the last week, trampling her garden.

June 7

A home burglary was reported in Surgoinsville. Approximately $250 in food was stolen, nothing more.

A Surgoinsville woman claimed neighbors had hooked a splitter to her cable TV line, "again."

June 8

A female resident of Carters Valley Road told police that an unknown man stopped his vehicle in front of her home, asking if they, "could sit and talk a while." She reportedly told the man that wouldn't be a good idea, as he husband was returning any time, and the stranger said he, "wouldn't want anything bad to happen." He then drove away while laughing and waving. Police told the woman and her husband to call dispatch if the suspicious man returned.

June 9

Police responded to a market on Carters Valley Road after a woman allegedly urinated in the floor. The suspect was found walking nearby, unsteady on her feet and speaking with slurred speech. As she was being arrested for public intoxication she began resisting and cursing officers — forcing them to shackle her kicking legs and feet. She was additionally charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

A Rogersville woman claimed that her mother-in-law had grabbed her by the head and attempted to hit her — while accusing the alleged victim of sleeping with her father-in-law. The suspect's husband told police he had visited the home of his son and daughter-in-law to relax and drink, with his wife getting mad that he didn't answer her calls. Police could not determine a primary aggressor and took no action.

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