Man urinates on TV during political argument with mother

Rain Smith • May 29, 2013 at 7:52 AM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeMay 23A 9-year-old girl called police to report she was being attacked by her brother, 16. Dispatch would learn the incident began with a dispute over the computer, at which time the girl began hitting the teen. He admitted to restraining her, but only in self-defense, and police deemed everything was OK at their residence. A Piney Flats man advised that a prowler outside his home was "hitting the bedroom wall." He named his wife as a potential suspect.May 24A Blountville woman reported the theft of an ATM card by her ex-husband, who also knows her PIN. A county resident called police on a neighbor, who allegedly wouldn't let them mow their yard. Adults voted off the board of a Bloomingdale youth baseball league were "hanging out" at a ball field, according to a caller, but they "should not be there." One of the suspects was alleged to have also "made threats" earlier in the evening. May 25Occupants of a truck on Painter Creek Road were "throwing eggs at houses."A Piney Flats woman reported the battery had been stolen out of her car. Five minutes later she dialed dispatch again, saying she had found it in the trunk and everything was now OK. An I-81 motorist alerted dispatch to a pair of "crotch rockets" traveling at more than 100 mph. The driver of an "old white Thunderbird" was allegedly being reckless in Warriors Path, crusing around while "yelling at other drivers."May 26The owner of property on Boone Lake reported an abandoned boat was on their shoreline "with beer cans everywhere."Hawkins County Sheriff's Office May 24A deputy was dispatched to an assault on Tipton Lane in Church Hill, identifying the women involved as sisters-in-law. One woman said she had visited the other's home due her being "irate" with other family members. This prompted the allegedly irate woman to walk to her sister-in-law's home and "threaten her dog with a newspaper." She then began breaking ceramic yard ornaments on the steps of the residence, according to a police report, before striking her in-law several times in the face. The two women rolled off the stairs and onto the ground, where a niece broke them up. The homeowner suffered a black eye in the incident, while the other woman was arrested for domestic assault. Three goats were reported stolen from a Rogersville residence. A Mooresburg woman called police on a 12-year-old playmate of her son. While inside her residence, the suspect allegedly "threw paint on the windows" and struck the woman's daughter with a mop. Two days later the juvenile reportedly chased one of the woman's children into the home, then kicked a hole in the wall and broke down a door. May 25A Church Hill resident claimed to have been hit by another resident of her home. The suspect said she had not hit the other woman — she was just mad at her for chasing a cat out of the house with a baseball bat. Police observed no injures and took no action. Police responded to a disturbance at a mobile home on Stanley Valley Road. A female resident, 54, stated she and her 24-year-old son had been arguing "over politics" — prompting him to attempt urinating on the TV. The mother told police she hit her son in the back to make him stop, but he retreated to another room to urinate on the floor. The man told police that "everything" his mother told them "is a lie" — but admitted to hitting her after she had scratched him. Due to injuries sustained to mother and son, both were arrested and charged with domestic assault. The officer notes both had a strong odor of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech, while a liquid "believed to be urine" was found on the TV.

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