Eastman accepting donations for soldiers overseas

Hank Hayes • May 24, 2013 at 4:26 PM

KINGSPORT - Terry Horn says it’s “still pretty rare” when the American soldier

serving overseas gets support from a private group.

He should know.


is an Eastman Chemical Co. worker in manufacturing and materials support, but

as a member of the Kentucky National Guard, he has been called to active duty in

both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He’s a staunch advocate for Eastman’s Supplies For

Soldiers (SFS) initiative, which ships donations — including personal hygiene

and entertainment items — overseas to the company’s military members and

others to boost morale and help our troops.

“I think just knowing there are

folks who honestly care about your well being and morale, and want to support

you because you are a soldier or fellow employer, it says a lot to have that

kind of support from back home and knowing you’re not alone,” Horn observed.

“Simply sending a care package does show that support.”

The project

originated in 2009 with a small group of Eastman team members and was adopted

last year as a corporate project.

“Our Christmas shipment was the largest

we’ve had, shipping more than 270 boxes to Eastman employees, family members and

friends deployed overseas,” Eastman spokeswoman Amanda Allman said of the SFS

project’s output. “If you’re an employee you can submit a name of a loved one

who is overseas (to receive a box).”

Eastman is again accepting donations for

SFS, and the next shipment is just around the corner so military members can

receive items in time for the 4th of July holiday. Items are currently being

collected around Eastman’s Kingsport location, and the community is invited to


Items can be dropped off at the Toy F. Reid Employee Center at

400 S. Wilcox Drive through the end of May. Eastman picks up the shipping tab,

Allman said.

Horn, who returned from active duty last fall, noted troop

morale differed from Iraq to Afghanistan. The U.S. military pulled out of Iraq

in December 2011.

“The morale (in Iraq) was ‘We’ve got to get all this stuff

out of here. We’re not sure where we’re going. What’s the next thing we’re going

to be doing?’” Horn explained. “We didn’t know if we would get resistance on the

way out. It was really unsure but a smooth transition out of Iraq.”

Horn was

called to go to Afghanistan at the end of his last tour of duty.

“The morale

(in Afghanistan) was pretty low there, just because the environment there is

still very uncertain, even though we have a plan to pull out (in 2014),” Horn

said. “Many (soldiers) are on their fourth or fifth deployment.”


Eastman Recreation by email (recreation@eastman.com) or call

423/229-3771 for details to make a monetary donation to SFS. All money received

will be used to purchase donation items.

Names of Eastman co-workers, family

members, or close friends to receive a care package can be submitted to Cheryl

Harvey (email csharvey@eastman.com).

For more about

the project go to www.eastman.com/SuppliesForSoldiers.

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