Bean Station shooter made his victims kneel before killing them

Nick Shepherd • Dec 3, 2013 at 3:58 PM

A former police officer accused of shooting up a pharmacy in Bean Station, Tenn. made his captives kneel down before killing them, according to a police report from the Bean Station police department.

Jason B. Holt, 36, was arrested on Thursday and charged with two counts of homicide, two counts of criminal attempted murder and especially aggravated robbery.

According to the report, Holt entered the Down Home pharmacy armed with a pistol and demanded prescription narcotics. The owner of the pharmacy, Stephen Lovell, obtained a tray of prescription medication and placed it on the counter in response to Holt's demands, the report further states.

Holt then allegedly ordered Lovell to lock the door of the pharmacy. When Lovell returned from locking the door to the counter where Holt was holding the other victims, Richard Somerville, Jan Clift and Alexia Wilson, he ordered all four victms to kneel behind the counter, the report states.

"Jason Holt then unlawfully, intentionally and with premeditation shot and killed Mr. Richard Somerville and Mr. Stephen Lovell," the police report stated. "Jason Holt also shot Mrs. Jan Clift and Mrs. Alexia Wilson, wounding them in an attempt to kill them."

Police say Holt then left the pharmacy through the back door with the weapon and a large amount of narcotics. He was later apprehended.

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