Brotherly brawl prompts Hawkins arrest

Rain Smith • May 21, 2013 at 7:03 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

May 16

A man told dispatch that he had received a text message from his sister-in-law: "If you don't get your brother out, someone is going to get hurt."

May 17

A Kingsport resident claimed someone was "pecking" on her air conditioner.

Dispatch was advised that two juveniles had been caught having sex in a vehicle parked outside a church.

May 18

The Highway Department was alerted to a vandalism on Island Road, where "KKK" was spray painted on the roadway.

A woman told dispatch that even though "officers have already told him to be quiet," her husband just "won't shut up."

May 19

A suspicious person was reportedly walking along 126 with "his arms crossed and eyes closed."

A Kingsport landlord was "messed up on meds," according to a caller, and throwing rocks at vehicles while weed-eating.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

May 17

A woman performing court-ordered community service at the Hawkins County Recycling Center "could barely stand up." After performing poorly on sobriety tests, she was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

A Bulls Gap man reported that people keep calling his residence and claiming he's won a lottery — he just needs to send them money to retrieve his winnings. He advised he's so angry over the persistent phone calls that he told them he'll "harm himself" if they didn't quit. An officer relayed several ways to make the calls stop, according to a report, "one of which was just not answering the phone."

Police were dispatched to a fight in progress on Early Branch Road. Investigation revealed a man became "irate" with his mother and threw a

wrench against the house, prompting his brother to exit the home and

take exception with his antics. A brawl ensued, with the wrench thrower

eventually pinning his brother to the ground. When officers arrived, they determined he was the aggressor in the incident and arrested him for domestic assault.

May 19

A county resident advised that someone had crashed a car into his fence, then abandoned the vehicle. Police located a pedestrian who admitted to being the driver, with her becoming belligerent during questioning. After taking two field sobriety tests, she asked the officer if she had passed. When told no, she advised there was "no need" to continue, prompting her arrest for DUI.

Kingsport Police Department

May 16

A woman called police after catching an adult male climb through the bedroom window of her daughter, age 17. When police arrived, the suspect was gone.

A 911 caller said a drunk driver was heading into Virginia from Kingsport. The tipster — who dispatch notes "sounds intoxicated himself" — could not provide a tag number or say what road the driver would be traveling.

May 18

Police were alerted to an intoxicated man at a John B. Dennis Highway gas station. After reportedly "staggering around the store," he exited the business and fell down, rolling beneath his car.

A city resident called 911 after returning home to find an unknown car sitting in his driveway. Four minutes later he advised that police were not needed, a friend of his had bought a new vehicle.

May 20

An officer on East Center Street heard a loud "boom." A vehicle was then observed with heavy front end damage and steam pouring out, prompting a traffic stop. When questioned, the driver said, "I think I hit something." Another officer soon found a nearby utility pole had been struck, while two empty beer cans were located in the suspect's vehicle. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Wise County Sheriff's Office

May 17

A female from Big Stone Gap told dispatch that her boyfriend has "already called the law," but all she wants is a ride to the bus station. He wouldn't provide it, according to the caller, because he's angry at her for "messing with the volume on the radio." As she spoke with a dispatcher, her boyfriend called 911 again, telling police that she's currently "out of control" and cussing him.

May 18

Police were alerted to an individual illegally dumping a load of trash at a Big Stone Gap car wash. A responding officer located the suspect, who was actually picking up trash from the property for the business owner.

May 20

A man in Appalachia wanted to speak with police "before things get out of hand." He then described how a woman is making claims that he's stalking her, but all he's doing is lying on his couch while listening to the radio. The man added that she thinks "everyone wants her body," but he'd "just as soon want a dog."

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