Man reports assault, gets arrested for vehicle theft

Rain Smith • May 9, 2013 at 1:51 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports from area police departments. Kingsport Police DepartmentMay 6A 911 caller said a man and woman were fighting on Weeks Avenue, with both, "rolling down the street."May 7A Kingsport resident claimed to have heard people outside her home. When dispatch asked for a description she declined their request, saying she'd been asleep on the couch and didn't want to get up and look. She did offer that it's probably her neighbors from across the street. Some teenagers appeared to be taking wood from a residence off Center Street, but "put it back" when the homeowner arrived. Police contacted the owner of a Broad Street business, alerting them that a door was standing open after closing. They said they'd return to shut it, they must have forgot to lock up.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeMay 6A Bluff City resident claimed that a neighbor had warned them not to come back towards their property. If they did, according to the caller, they'd be shot. A Kingsport woman said her brother has had her car for more than a year, and she can't get it back from him. May 7A welfare check was requested for a child in Blountville. The caller claimed the 5-year-old was alone at home, where a crossbow was behind the door and shotgun under the couch. Swords were also allegedly present. The clerk at a Highway 394 market reported a man had came in and tried to buy a candy bar, but didn't have enough money. He then went outside and sat in his vehicle by the fuel pumps, remaining there approximately 30 minutes. When police arrived he was found asleep in the passenger side, and seemed confused when awakened by the deputy. He first claimed he was waiting on an uncle, then said he was searching for money to buy gas. Marijuana was found in his possession, he performed poorly on field sobriety test and was arrested. Police were asked to check on a teenager — whose father is incarcerated — because he is, "home alone and partying."A Bloomingdale woman reported that when it gets dark the "people living in the woods" come and get inside her garage. Shortly before 7 p.m. a deputy observed a Ford Thunderbird partially blocking Fordtown Road. The driver was found sitting on the ground beside the vehicle, along with an empty can of Steel Reserve beer. Two additional empty cans were in the car's floorboard. The suspect — who claimed his car was out of gas — could not perform field sobriety tests due to his, "inability to walk." He was arrested for DUI. One day prior to finalizing her divorce, a woman called police to a Kingsport residence. She claimed her husband had driven by the home and pointed a gun at her and another man, saying they both, "will (expletive) die." An arrest warrant was obtained, with the suspect later arrested for reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. Officers were called to an "ongoing" dispute between neighbors on Glen Alpine Road. In the latest incident one claimed to have received a text from the other, with the message threatening, "Im going kill u." Also at issue was a sign one had posted on a fence, which was promptly torn down and pitched into the poster's yard. May 8Police responded to an assault on Buffalo Road, where a 34-year-old man had allegedly been choked by his stepfather, 62. Due to injuries observed the suspect was arrested. So was the assault victim, as a car he was driving had been reported stolen out of Greene County. He was charged with motor vehicle theft, saying the car was his girlfriend's. Hawkins County Sheriff's OfficeMay 7Police responded to an animal cruelty complaint at a Rogersville residence, where a man had found his dog with a fatal gunshot wound. A report on the incident says the animal appeared to have been shot by a high-powered rifle. A Mooresburg woman claimed to have left a bag in a relative's vehicle, later discovering that it was missing 73 hydroxyzine pills and a carton of Palermo cigarettes. A deputy observed a man unsteady on his feet in General Sessions Court, and, "unable to keep his head up." When questioned he admitted to taking "a couple of Xanax" and smoking a joint, prompting his arrest for public intoxication.

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