Kingsport man allegedly shoots estranged wife's dogs, killing one

Rain Smith • May 7, 2013 at 5:13 PM

A Kingsport man has been arrested on multiple charges after allegedly shooting his estranged wife's two poodles — killing one of the dogs — while bragging to her over the phone that they were "suffering." The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office reports Timothy L. Blevins, 53, of South Creek Court, was arrested Monday evening. He's been charged with multiple offenses, including stalking and aggravated cruelty to animals. Police say he also had dogs in the residence but they were unharmed in the incident. According to an incident report, officers met with the victim at a Moreland Drive business. She allegedly said her estranged husband had left several threatening voicemail messages on her phone — including one that sounded as if there was a gunshot, followed by Blevins boasting that one of her dog's was, "suffering."Being afraid to go to the South Creek Court residence to retrieve the animals alone, police accompanied the woman to the home. An arrest report states Blevins met police in the driveway, with deputies "immediately" noticing that he emitted a strong odor of alcohol. When asked where the victim's large poodles were located Blevins allegedly stated, "running around the house somewhere." Police say he then became belligerent and unruly, ignoring officers' commands and attempting to walk away. When his estranged wife began making her way towards the residence, Blevins allegedly attempted to "take off after" her. He was then taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication. When the victim and an officer opened the home's door one dog was spotted walking around, but trailing blood and suffering a gunshot wound to the neck. The woman's second poodle was reportedly located dead on the floor of a bedroom, a bullet hole in its back.Police say a pair of loaded handguns were found on a kitchen table, along with two bullet holes in a kitchen wall. Furniture was also allegedly flipped upside down throughout the home. Animal control responded to take the wounded animal for treatment, with police saying on Tuesday that it appeared as if it would survive. Blevins was transported to the Blountville jail, scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday morning.

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