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Welcome to the new Timesnews.net

Staff Report • May 6, 2013 at 1:31 PM

User tutorial for the new Timesnews.net

KINGSPORT — The Kingsport Times-News is unveiling its fifth version of timesnews.net today, complete with a new look and features that are designed to bring readers more information no matter what device they use.“We’re introducing today the newest version of timesnews.net,” Kingsport Times-News Publisher Keith Wilson said. “We think this will make it easier for you to actually see a lot more of the content we have available, and a lot more of the variety of content we have for you.”The new version of timesnews.net is built around a newsfeed model that will allow readers to better identify the news stories, photos and videos they find most interesting.“Think Facebook and Twitter,” said Diana Meredith, director of audience development for the Times-News. “Streams of information have become the preferred way to consume online content, because this model allows you to quickly identify new content and the stories you are most interested in, including photos and videos. But, if you prefer the more traditional model, we still have your favorite categories available for you to browse section by section.”One of the main aspects of the new website’s design is its ability to adapt to a variety of screen sizes, allowing readers to more easily read stories and view pictures and video on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.“Another thing we are excited about is that the new timesnews.net will work on any device — desktop, tablet or smartphone,” Kingsport Times-News Digital Operations Manager Ben Conkin said. “We will no longer have a separate mobile site, just a clean flow of news and information optimized for your favorite device.”In addition to a more friendly layout for mobile devices, the new website also includes a number of features designed to better engage readers and facilitate discussion on topics of local, regional and national importance.The newly launched timesnews.net will allow readers to sign in and begin commenting on articles, photo galleries and more in just a few clicks thanks to the Disqus comment system, Conkin said. “One of the things we’re most excited about with this new version is that it’s now very easy for our readers to make comments about the stories on our site, and to share photos and videos with us,” Conkin said. “User accounts are not necessary anymore, and we’re looking forward to hearing much more from all of our readers.”Visitors to the new site will also notice newly designed photo galleries, support for multiple pictures in stories and improved support for videos. The site can also host documents and other media to help readers gain more insight into the workings of local governments, school systems and the courts.To help visitors get a feel for the new site and learn about its new features, Wilson said a users guide has been developed that is available to view now.“We hope you take the opportunity to review the guide, click through the site, and get acquainted,” Wilson said. “And then we hope you let us know your thoughts. We are still in progress on fine-tuning details on the site, and will continue to make improvements in the future.“We want to create a product that will provide you with the latest news and the freshest content available anywhere in our region. We want to provide you with the information that you are interested in. We welcome you to the new timesnews.net, and look forward to hearing from you."

User tutorial for the new Timesnews.net

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