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Ten of Rogersville's 11 liquor store permit applications rejected

Jeff Bobo • Apr 30, 2013 at 11:55 AM

ROGERSVILLE — Of the 11 liquor store applicants who appeared before the Rogersville Alcoholic Beverage Board Monday, only one was found to have met all the requirements of the city’s liquor store permit application.

Rogersville will award two liquor store permits — one on the east side of town and one on the west side of town — with Depot Street serving as the center boundary.

On Monday the RABB awarded a liquor store permit to an establishment to be called “Blue Ridge Package Store” owned by two Kingsport men. The store will be located in the Rt. 66 Shopping Plaza pending final approval of the application by the state.

The RABB will meet again May 16 to give the remaining applicants an opportunity to correct their applications and make an attempt for the lone east side package store permit.

Of the 10 rejected applications Monday, one has since withdrawn, leaving nine potential applicants for the east side. If there is more than one applicant who meets all the requirements as of May 16 the RABB will have a drawing to choose the permit recipient.

City Recorder Bill Lyons said the main difference between the invalid applications and the lone valid applications Monday was that the Blue Ridge Package Store used an attorney to complete the highly specific and complicated liquor store permit application.

Lyons said the reasons that the other applications were rejected were “all over the board.”

“Some didn’t have financial statements,” Lyons said. “Some didn’t have proof of citizenship — a Social Security card or driver’s license. Some of them maps weren’t the proper scale. It’s supposed to be 1:20 and a lot of them got tax maps and they're 1:50 or 1:1,000.

“Some of them said they were an LLC and didn’t have proof of an LLC. Some of them didn’t have their sales tax numbers. It was just a wide variety.”

Applicants received a checklist outlining what needed to be added or corrected on their applications.

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