Mount Carmel working on a $103,000 deficit in proposed 2013-14 budget

Jeff Bobo • Apr 17, 2013 at 8:40 AM

MOUNT CARMEL — The Mount Carmel Board of Mayor and Aldermen trimmed about $3,000 from its proposed 2013-14 budget Tuesday night, but there’s still a deficit of about $103,000 that must be eliminated.

Aside from regular inflation, the $103,000 deficit can partly be attributed to a new one-time purchase proposed in the 2013-14 budget of a new tractor and boom not to exceed $90,000.

The BMA is considering the possibility of cutting that expenditure and borrowing the $90,000, but the BMA has agreed to first try to make other spending cuts and balance the budget without adding new debt.

Tuesday night the BMA held its first 2013-14 budget workshop and went line-by-line through the police department and library budgets.

The BMA was able to cut $3,000 from the police department’s budget by reducing office supply and postage expenditures, as well as some training funds.

The proposed police department budget for 2013-14 is $642,012, well below the current fiscal year budget amount of $714,342. The actual projected police department spending for all 12 months of 2012-13 is projected at $607,601.

There were no cuts made to the library budget Tuesday, although the BMA did say it will make an inquiry with Hawkins County to determine if the county would be interested in taking the Mount Carmel library back into the Hawkins County Library System.

In the 1990s, Mount Carmel’s public library separated from the Hawkins County system and became independently operated by the town. The separation left a bad taste in the mouths of some county officials, although many of those who were in office at that time are now gone.

Past inquiries by the town about merging the Mount Carmel library back into the county system have been met with opposition by both county and county library officials who don’t want the added expense.

The proposed 2013-14 Mount Carmel library budget is $43,650, down from $46,485 budgeted in the current fiscal year. Actual overall library spending for 2012-13 is projected at $38,699.

The overall proposed 2013-14 Mount Carmel general fund budget is proposed at $2.336 million, below the $2.645 million budgeted for the current 2012-13 fiscal year.

The actual anticipated spending for 2012-13 is only $2.367 million, however.

The next Mount Carmel BMA budget workshop is scheduled for April 30 at 6 p.m.

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