Blotter: Arrestee challenges officer to 'stop in alley' and fight

Rain Smith • May 3, 2013 at 12:38 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

April 10

A woman advised a man wearing only his underwear was outside of her home in Wise, attempting to get in through a window. When the woman asked what he was doing he reportedly left for a few minutes, wandering from neighboring trailer to trailer, then returned to sit down in the woman's driveway. Police responded and located the suspect, who advised that he and Ace Ventura were checking ditch lines in the area. He was determined to be under the influence and arrested for public intoxication.

Kingsport Police Department

April 11

Dispatch alerted police to a vehicle reportedly traveling south on Lynn Garden Drive with three flat tires. A pickup matching the description was located on West Stone Drive and a stop was conducted, finding the driver was under the influence. Further investigation revealed he had struck a utility pole on Carter's Valley Road, then continued on to hit an unoccupied vehicle on Lynn Garden. Three syringes, a bottle of hydrocodone and substance believed to be crack cocaine were found in his vehicle, prompting additional drug charges.

April 12

Several people — including a woman armed with a "big stick"— were reportedly fighting on Bays View Road.

Police were alerted to an argument in the parking lot of an East Stone Drive restaurant, where a man and woman were allegedly, "really going at it." The officer located a man standing beside a car occupied by two females, with the suspect allegedly making a "gesture of disgust" while motioning for the officer to go away. Police elected to investigate further, at which point the man reportedly became disrespectful and tried to instigate an argument with the officer. He then accused the officer of having a bad day, adding that he was just, "driving around until you found a black guy." Due to continuing to raise his voice and causing a disturbance among the restaurant's patrons, the man was arrested for disorderly conduct. On the way to jail he allegedly challenged the officer to "stop in an alley" so he could, "(mess) you up." He also said the only reason he didn't "(expletive) slap" the officer was because of his badge, categorizing him as a, "racist redneck."

A man was arrested for shoplifting at the Walmart on West Stone Drive, where he allegedly attempted to walk out of the store with more than $1,300 in baby formula.

April 13

A female was caught stealing more than $600 in clothing from Belk, while a search of her belongings located several pills. She was arrested for felony theft and drug possession.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

April 11

A Canton Road resident reported their mail was stolen by neighbors.

April 12

A Kingsport resident advised that an unknown man with two tear drop tattoos on his face came to their door, "talking out of his head."

April 13

Police were called to a party on Bristol Caverns Highway, where witnesses told officers that one man had become combative and needed to go, "sleep it off." The suspect agreed to leave with a sober driver and was assisted towards a car by family. He then allegedly turned around and took a swing at the deputy, prompting a take down to the ground. While being restrained by officers he reportedly spit several times, striking one deputy in the face. He was arrested and charged with assault, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

April 14

On Little Oak Road campers reported a "ruckus" near their campsite. They claimed to have spotted something big with their flashlights, believing it to be either a bear or a wolf.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 12

An officer was dispatched to a fight at a Bulls Gap residence, locating a naked woman inside the home. She was allegedly "cursing at everyone" —including police — and ignored commands to calm down. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

April 13

A Rogersville woman claimed her ex-boyfriend had hit her in the face, pinned her down and pinched her on the cheek. Meanwhile, the man said she punched him in the stomach and tried to burn him with a cigarette. Police observed no signs of a physical altercation and took no action.

April 14

A Rogersville man claimed to have video evidence of two individuals driving by his home while making obscene gestures. He said that on one day it had occurred more than 20 times.

A deputy was dispatched to a Church Hill residence after a woman and her boyfriend began arguing over who would clean the home. When the man refused his girlfriend threw his property out a kitchen window, with the officer noting the residence was "in complete disarray" upon police arrival. Both parties agreed to separate for a 12 hour cooling off period.

A Webster Valley Road resident reported one of her peacocks as being attacked by a neighbor's dog.

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