Playing child stumbles across Kingsport meth lab

Rain Smith • Mar 28, 2013 at 2:32 AM

A 7-year-old child playing in a wooded area off Kingsport's Barnett Drive located a one-pot meth lab Wednesday, along with the "gasser" portion of a second operation, but alerted his parents to the discovery and avoided potential injury.

"He came and told his parents there were some weird looking bottles," said Kingsport Police Department Vice Unit Det. Nathan Elliott, adding the devices contain a sugary in appearance by-product of meth's production.

"They're highly volatile and dangerous."

Police say the discovery was made adjacent to Hobbs mobile home court, near the discovery of a separate meth lab approximately one year ago. The trailer that operation was located inside has since been demolished and removed.

The Tennessee Meth Task Force responded to the scene and assisted KPD detectives in neutralizing the labs components. Ingredients used to make the drug are volatile and prone to explode, while emitting noxious gases.

No charges had been placed in the incident with police currently investigating to determine who is responsible. Anyone with information is asked to contact the KPD Vice Unit at (423) 229-9434.

Elliott added that individuals who come across a potential meth lab should leave it alone and immediately contact their local police.

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