Blotter: Man calls police on wife who ate leftovers

Rain Smith • Mar 21, 2013 at 2:32 AM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

March 14

A man calling 911 from Coeburn repeatedly referred to dispatchers as "Mamaw." When asked what his emergency was he relayed, "we're just sitting here" — then asked "Mamaw" if she had eaten today. Police responded to his location to find him on a lawn and intoxicated, wearing only his underwear.

March 18

Police responded to a report of a Coeburn man who had, "cut his chest from nipple to nipple." When located the man advised that the wound was self-inflicted, an attempt to kill himself because his wife was mad. He reportedly said he abandoned the suicide attempt because it "hurt too bad" — adding his wife was angry because he went to see his girlfriend.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

March 18

A caller from Old Stage Trail reported a 2-year-old was locked in the bathroom alone, while they couldn't hear any noise coming from inside. Two minutes later they told dispatch the child could be heard talking, with the door successfully opened an additional five minutes later. The toddler was OK.

March 19

A Bloomingdale woman called police on her unruly 10-year-old, saying he was, "making threats."

A Weaver Pike resident claimed someone, "opened my screen door then left."

Dispatch was alerted to a man hiding behind a dumpster near the animal shelter on Massengill Road, "watching a day worker."

A child on Ryder Church Road called 911 to report his brother, 13, had been shot with a BB gun by a neighbor. When the mother spoke with dispatch she advised no medical attention was needed, adding that she didn't wish to pursue charges.

A resident of Oasis Lane called police over a dispute with his wife. When a deputy responded it was learned he was mad because she had eaten leftover fish before he returned home. The woman corroborated his story. No assault had taken place, with the couple advising they could remain together at the residence with no further problems.

March 20

Police responded to a dispute on Sullivan Gardens Parkway, where they were met in the driveway by a man with, "blood on his face and shirt." He claimed a woman at the residence had hit him in the head with a drinking glass, while the woman said she had only thrown empty beer cans. Due to injuries sustained to each individual they were both arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Someone took a case of Natty Ice out of a Blountville gas station without paying, entered a car and drove away.

A child on Springdale Drive called 911 to state someone was "robbing a baby" and "kicked her in the face." On a dispatch call back to the residence an adult advised everything was fine.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

March 16

A motorcycle allegedly sped between two side by side vehicles traveling Highway 11W — one of which was driven by a police detective. A stop was conducted and the rider was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

March 17

A man reported to jail to serve time on a previous sentencing for possession of drugs and introduction of contraband into a penal facility. While being booked he allegedly acted suspicious, prompting a search. Three and one half pills, believed to be Suboxone, were located in the "front of his underwear." He was then charged with an additional count of each of his previous two offenses.

March 18

A Rogersville woman reported selling a ring over the Internet and shipping it to Paris, France. She later received a confirmation letter claiming $4,800 would be released to her account, but the money was never deposited. Meanwhile, the website that handled the transaction has went offline.

Kingsport Police Department

March 28

A 23-year-old woman was allegedly at a city residence, "screaming at her grandparents and breaking items."

March 19

Police were called to a bar on East Sullivan Street where a patron reportedly, "refused to leave." He was found to be intoxicated and arrested, "for his own safety."

A 16-year-old male, who's on probation for domestic assault, was reportedly cursing his mother and making threats.

March 20

Officers responded to a crash at East Main Street and Island Street. The driver of a Mazda claimed she was traveling behind two vehicles, striking them when they stopped for a red light. The officer's report notes no traffic signals are present at the intersection — while the vehicles she hit had been, "parked in a parking stall to the right side of the roadway." She reportedly appeared impaired during sobriety tests, was arrested and charged with DUI and failure to maintain control.

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