Blotter: Kingsport man hits debt collector with baseball bat

Rain Smith • Mar 4, 2013 at 12:34 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

March 1

The branch manager of a Kingsport credit company reported going to a home on Spruce Street to collect payment on a delinquent loan. A male resident allegedly swung a baseball bat at the manager's head, which he was able to block by holding up his forearm. When interviewed by police the suspect allegedly admitted to the incident, adding that, "If I had a gun I would have shot him." He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

March 2

A 911 caller was upset that police allegedly didn't stop a driver reported as being drunk. He further advised that if anything happened to the driver, such as a wreck, he would, "get an attorney and sue the city."

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 28

A caller reported juveniles were in the woods behind a Weaver Pike church and acting suspicious. Police would later learn they were ROTC students practicing drills.

A Bumcombe Road resident reported a neighbor's son keeps riding a motorcycle on their property. When asked to stop, he allegedly cussed the caller and came at them with a stick.

March 1

A man visited the Sheriff's Office because his dog is being fed by a neighbor, and he wants the neighbor to stop. He was advised to contact animal control.

March 3

A county man called police on his son, who allegedly took his mail and refused to give it back.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

March 1

A man reported driving his uncle in his uncle's vehicle, because the uncle has no license, when he accidentally spilled tobacco. That prompted an argument between the pair, with the nephew then declining to transport his uncle anywhere else. The uncle then allegedly stated he was going to kick his nephew's butt and placed him in a headlock. The victim told police that he didn't want to press charges, but requested that an officer tell his uncle that he, "can't put his hands on other people."

A Surgoinsville woman reported vandalism to her vehicle, saying the serpentine belt was intentionally cut, a door lock had been broken and dog food was poured over the engine.

A Mount Carmel resident reported catching a 16-year-old male, who is an acquaintance of his daughter, attempting to break into his home. He called the juvenile's mother, who arrived to pick up the child, and then contacted police.

March 2

On Carters Valley Road police clocked a vehicle traveling 74 mph in a 45 mph zone. The car stopped in a church parking lot and a deputy contacted the driver, finding a zippered pouch on the ground outside the car. It allegedly contained prescription bottles labeled with the driver's name, but the bottles didn't contain the proper narcotics. Two spoons and three syringes were also found in the pouch. The driver was arrested on drug charges.

Police spoke with an employee of SmartStyle inside the Rogersville Walmart after a customer, who was unhappy with a hair cut and dye job, allegedly walked out of the store without paying. The value of the theft of services was estimated at $117.

March 3

A pair of Rogersville residents reported drinking alcohol and watching a race on TV with a visitor to their home. The visitor was then allowed to stay at their house for the night, with the residents saying they awoke the next morning to find he had stolen $500. The suspect was later interviewed by police and handed over his pants and wallet. The money was not located, while the alleged victims were referred to seek private prosecution.

A woman reported her ex-husband had assaulted their juvenile daughter during an argument over the girl taking her ADHD medication. The father allegedly threw the pill bottle, striking the girl in the back. Police could not observe any injuries, felt the situation was resolved and took no action.

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