Blotter: Woman found hiding beneath boat continues tirade in jail

Rain Smith • Mar 1, 2013 at 5:51 AM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 23

A man told police he was walking to the door of a Rogersville home — allegedly to repay a debt — when the resident, "jumped off the porch" and punched him the face. But the resident advised that the alleged "victim" was actually trying to borrow $15, and was mad because his phone calls to make the request had not been answered. The resident also played a voicemail message for police, in which the other man was heard making threats. Video surveillance at the man's home further revealed that the alleged "victim" took the first swing, prompting a retaliation punch from the resident that, "knocked him to the ground". At the time the police report was completed no charges had been filed.

Feb. 26

A deputy responded to a Mooresburg residence due to property damage. The victim reported that a neighbor admitted to sliding in water while driving and hitting her mailbox, with the neighbor telling the officer the same. Police then discovered the man had no insurance or valid license, prompting his arrest.

Feb. 27

Police were called to a disturbance on Dean Road in Mooresburg, where a man claimed his wife had been, "drinking and arguing all day." The woman was located hiding beneath a boat outside the home, and agreed to come out and speak with officers. While doing so she allegedly told her husband, "Look at this mess you got me in to" — then punched him in the arm. That prompted a charge of domestic assault, while her subsequent yelling and cussing earned a count of disorderly conduct. At the jail she refused officer commands, threw a shoe at a deputy and continued cursing; this time sprinkling in racial slurs. She was additionally charged with a resisting arrest and assault on an officer.

Kingsport Police Department

Feb. 26

A Lexus was rear-ended when it came to a stop at the intersection of Watauga Street and Lamont. According to witness statements the other vehicle, a Ford Ranger, fled the scene — ramming the Lexus a second time as it departed. A motorist who observed the crash followed the Ford, relaying by cell phone to 911 that it was speeding and running stop signs. Police then located the vehicle and driver at Kiwanis Towers, learning her license is revoked, she had no insurance and the truck was improperly registered. She was arrested, and additionally charged with aggravated assault, while the driver of the Lexus was transported to the hospital with injuries.

Police were called to an alleged embezzlement at Walmart on West Stone Drive, where an employee was accused of stealing cash from a register. Loss prevention reported money had been taken three times over the past 12 days — totaling $789.93 — while an employee had provided a written statement admitting to the crime. She was arrested.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 25

A county resident requested to speak with an officer about, "a neighbor who keeps recording him."

Feb. 26

A woman called police on her boyfriend, who allegedly locked her out of a house on Bancroft Chapel Road.

Someone advised a vehicle is partially blocking Peoples Road, adding that it had been parked there, "about three years."

A woman told dispatch that her husband wasn't home, but he should be, and when he arrives he'll just, "come in cussing and yelling" — which she doesn't like.

Feb. 27

At 4:30 p.m. a deputy observed a man staggering down Fort Henry Drive. He was found to have an odor of alcohol and claimed to be walking from Kentucky to Johnson City. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Someone on Harrison Avenue wished to report an assault that from five weeks prior.

Police responded to a residence on Fontana Street, where they were met at the door by a man bleeding from the cheek. He claimed his wife had beat him up, while she advised she had struck him in self defense. Further investigation revealed the couple were separated, but a friend of the man brought him to residence after drinking at the Electric Cowboy. The woman further advised that her estranged husband had left her vehicle at the Johnson City club, which prompted an argument and physical altercation. He allegedly pushed her throughout the home, prevented her from leaving and bit her once on the ankle, bringing blood. He was arrested for assault and kidnapping.

A Tipton Lane woman claimed that a neighbor keeps turning his vehicle around in her driveway, and cursed her when she asked him to stop.

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