Ballot shapes up for Bristol, Tenn., elections

J. H. Osborne • Feb 23, 2013 at 10:21 AM

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Bristol Tennessee’s city election ballot on May 21 will include three city council district seats (East, currently held by Joel Staton; South, currently held by Margaret Feierabend; and West, currently held by David Shumaker.

Bristol Tennessee BOE seats on the May 21 ballot include: District 1, currently held by Kelly Buskell; District 3, currently held by Nelson Pyle; and District 5, currently held by Gwyen Ellis.

According to the Sullivan County Election Commission, as of the filing deadline on Thursday:

• Staton filed to run for reelection to the East District City Council seat. Four challengers also filed — David Akard, Don Evans, Chad Keen, and Morgan Packard Lorio.

• In the South District City Council seat race, Feierabend filed to run for reelection. Two challengers also filed — Vince Turner; and Jack Young.

• Shumaker filed to seek reelection to the West District City Council seat. Challenger Lea Powers also filed.

• For Bristol BOE’s East District, Buskell and Ellis both filed — as did newcomer Jill M. Harrison.

• Nelson Pyle filed and will be the sole candidate for the South District BOE seat.

• Jim N. Butcher filed and will be the sole candidate for the West District BOE seat.

The ballot is not officially set for any of the races until it is certified by the Election Commission.

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