Blotter: Kingsport couple arrested after fight over jail time, crash witnesses stop DUI driver

Rain Smith • Feb 14, 2013 at 12:23 PM

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Feb. 11

A caller advised a couple were fighting in the yard of a Lynn Avenue home, with the husband now "sitting on" his wife. An officer arrived to find the woman still pinned to the ground by the man, who was bleeding from a bite mark on his forearm. The man stated his wife was supposed to turn herself in to the Greene County Jail but refused to do so — and he was "just trying to keep her from running" after signing her bond. The woman corroborated his story, but a subsequent check of records revealed she was clear of warrants. Nevertheless, she was arrested by Kingsport police and charged with domestic assault, as was her husband.

Feb. 12

At approximately 5 p.m., police were dispatched to a crash with injuries on Wateree Street, within the school zone at Sevier Middle. Officers discovered a male motorist, 60, had struck another vehicle, then backed up and attempted to flee. A police report says several witnesses were able to "stop the driver" and take his keys, while approximately 30 children were outside the school and near the crash. The driver allegedly had an odor of alcohol, spoke with slurred speech and "had trouble" answering questions. He was arrested and charged with several offenses including DUI and felony reckless endangerment, while the motorist he struck was transported to the hospital with neck pain.

Feb. 14

At 1 a.m. reports of a "loud and lengthy commotion" prompted a police response to Delaware Street. A man was found walking away from a home with bleeding knuckles and had to be repeatedly ordered to lower his voice and calm himself. Eventually the man admitted to being "scared of himself and what he may do because of his anger." Police report his actions "served no legitimate purpose" while causing public annoyance and alarm, prompting his arrest for disorderly conduct.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 12

A Cold Springs Road resident contacted police due to "ongoing problems" with a female neighbor. The woman reported she and her neighbor encountered each other at an intersection while driving, at which point the neighbor allegedly "made a wide turn and accelerated past." The alleged victim admitted to being unsure if the woman had intentionally attempted to strike her vehicle.

A Church Hill man reported identity theft after attempting to file his taxes when he discovered his 5-month-old's information had been used on someone else's return.

A 24-year-old woman claimed an assault occurred outside a Rogersville home, where she stopped her vehicle and honked the horn to get a resident's attention. When a male came outside, she asked to borrow $40, allegedly prompting him to grab her neck and "begin hitting her head against the steering wheel."

Feb. 13

A Hickory Hills Road man reported his wife "slapped him on the right side of his face three times." No signs of injury were observed by police; no action was taken.

A Surgoinsville man, who is the victim in a current theft case, reported receiving a call from an individual claiming to be an attorney. The caller said his client, a suspect in the theft incidents, wanted to make a deal to "pay him back." When the theft victim told the caller he'd have to contact police because it's now "out of my hands," the alleged attorney abruptly hung up.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 11

A resident of Bancroft Chapel Road reported seeing a shadow outside the home and claimed it "sounds like someone is using an electric saw." An officer responded, but no one was located.

Feb. 12

Someone claimed to have witnessed a needle thrown from a vehicle on Long Hollow Road.

Police responded to a home off Bloomingdale Pike, where a woman said her grandson is on drugs and wanted on a warrant. The man, 24, attempted to hide from police in a bedroom closet, ignoring commands to come out. A K-9 was released and latched onto the suspect's left arm, with him then taken into custody and arrested for failure to appear. Police also located brass knuckles in his pocket, prompting an additional charge of possession of a prohibited weapon.

Shortly before 10 p.m. a female was ordered to leave Morning View Cemetery and return home. She was also warned not to return to the Bluff City cemetery after dark or she'd be arrested for trespassing.

A welfare check was requested for a pedestrian along Highway 11-E, with the caller saying it appeared he was holding a gun to his head. The man was located by police and determined to be OK; the alleged weapon was identified as a cell phone he'd been using.

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