18 Hawkins County 8th-graders score perfect on ACT Explore

Jeff Bobo • Feb 10, 2013 at 8:09 AM

ROGERSVILLE — Overall Hawkins County eighth-graders scored at or above the national average in every subject this year on the ACT Explore exam which is the first of two prep exams students take before the ACTs their junior year.

On Thursday, the Hawkins County Board of Education honored 18 eighth-graders from across the county who had a perfect score in at least one ACT Explore subject.

The highest possible score is a 25 on the ACT Explore, and the national composite average for 2013 is 15.5. Overall Hawkins County eighth-graders scored a composite score of 15.7.

Surgoinsville Middle led the county with a 17.1 composite, followed by Bulls Gap at 15.8, Church Hill Middle and Clinch which both scored 15.5, and Rogersville Middle at 15.3.

The 2012-13 10th-grade ACT Plan scores showed improvement over the previous year in every subject except Science in which it equaled last year’s score. Hawkins County’s sophomores also equaled the national composite average score of 17.2.

Among the eighth-graders honored by the BOE Thursday for perfect ACT Explore scores were:

• Garrett Fisher of Church Hill Middle School (CHMS) in Science.

• Matthew Gilbert of CHMS in Reading.

• Mason Mallory, CHMS, in Science.

• Ethan Tipton, CHMS, in English.

• Bailey Walker, CHMS, in Science.

• Laken Wilson, CHMS, in English.

• Andrew Wolf Bugayong, CHMS, in Math.

• Kierra Bullion, Rogersville Middle School (RMS) in English.

• Tiffany Cook, RMS, in English and Science.

• Raiden Evans, RMS, in Math and Science.

• Kayla Jones, RMS, in Reading.

• Sarah Solomon, RMS, in English.

• Samantha Bennett, Surgoinsville Middle School (SMS), in English, Reading, Science and Composite.

• Brandi Bridges, SMS, in Science (she took the test at CHMS before transferring).

• Alyssa Dingus, SMS, in English.

• Jennifer Hesoun, SMS, in English.

• Jodi Horton, SMS, in English, Reading and Science.

• Jessica McPeek, SMS, in English.

The BOE also honored Volunteer High School 10th-grader Ronnie Biddinger who scored the county’s only ACT PLAN perfect score in Math.

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